wrmb 514: the flamin’groovies ‘Live At The Roxy L.A. 8*12*76’ + K&S 033

Flamin Groovies Live Roxy

Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks, probably the easiest to find album in the 500 series. 

K&S records selected this release for a re-pressing from the original plates on blue wax, limited to 200 copies, ca. 1978. Due to their usual shipping problems (I assume they were shipped to the US), most of them never made it and this is a very rare title.

Flamin Groovies Roxy

Flamin Groovies Roxy disc

One copy sold in late 2007 for $329; the above one failed to find a buyer at $260 in July of 2013.

  1. Andrew Molloy said:

    I have a copy of this, had no idea it was that rare. K & S were out of Canada, were they not? I’m in Canada myself and I think I got this at a record swap some time in the 80’s.

    • Yes, produced in Canada, courtesy of Kurt Glemser – “Mr. Hot Wacks” – in cooperation with Vicky Vinyl, I believe.

  2. John said:

    what was their prob with shipment?

    • Most of the K&S albums ended up getting lost, as Kurt Glemser wrote in Hot Wacks. I assume they were shipped between California and Canada, perhaps to Canada and not from, as I had speculated earlier (since it was so much easier to find a pressing plant in the US).

  3. John said:

    oh….some years ago…and damned i lost contact due to pc crash…i had a contact in italy….he has enourmous lots of the old vinyls….takrl, tmoq, wizardo…tkrwm and so on..most in sealed condition. unfortunately..it was at the end of the vinylbootleg time and i was starting collecting the silvers…i wish id never did :-), as vinyl is it for me. he offerd me the complete k&s collection, full sealed,…for 1500 usd…. for that i would sell my wife for..but also at that time lots of complaints from other collectors about people from italy were not to be trust. so that was the mean reason that i didnt bought it from him. he also had the complete MOD collection..full sealed as well. ( i do have most of all the hotwackses and quarterlys but never read the piece of Kurt.
    ( maybe a tip..contact those very interesting people before its to late. the same as the people from stoned from sweden…they easely can be traced…

  4. I think I know who you are talking about; I just bought a ZAP title from him on eBay (damn those high postage rates…). He has extremely rare titles but asks for, let’s say “juicy”, minimum bids.

  5. John said:

    can you give me his name?…that days i didnt met him through ebay….just by searching the net..
    did you take notice that Ken sold his stamps..now with worldwide shipping?…he did on my request..but now the bids/prices were much higher. were they from the boxtop releases?

  6. John said:

    got it..he has this title right now on ebay….

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