TAKRL says:

“First edition contained an 8 by 11 cover reproduction insert. First edition says Jean-Clarke Memorial etc. but was changed to give you all another glue. Named for a prominent California disc jockey of the day. Like it says on the second edition cover: The Rock of Tomorrow Is Just a Comet Over Our Broadway – how true.”

Source: Essen & Hamburg, Germany, October, 1973

A1       Gimme Shelter            4:57

A2       Happy             2:48

A3       Tumbling Dice             4:27

A4       Starfucker                   4:11

A5       Heartbreaker (Doo Doo Doo Doo)                 3:50   [NY, MSG, July 26 ’72]

A6       Sweet Virginia             3:59

B1        Dancing with Mr. D                 3:05

B2        Angie              4:28

B3        You Can’t Always Get What You Want                       10:45

B4        All Down the Line                   3:52

From a reviewer: “The sound quality is not bad for a boot from what sounds like a line recording from the soundboard. It’s a little muddy but still listenable.”

Information regarding B4: “All Down The Line” version V (5) -Kathi McDonald on backing vocals, Jimmy Miller on percussion, Nicky Hopkins on piano, Bobby Keys on sax,Jim Price on trumpet and/or trombone; version of US single B-side 7″ single (Rolling Stones Records RS 19104 -USA). Producer: Jimmy Miller. This is a different version than on Exile On Main St.

Rolling Stones JC M BBQ back insert

Re-issued with a B&W cover:

Rolling Stone  JC M BBQ 2

Rolling Stones JC M BBQ printed

rollingstonesnet.com claims this album was copied in Europe on the Caution label (minus the last track on both sides) as:

Rolling Stones The Stars itStn lie Caution b

Rolling Stones The Stars itStn lie Caution

And then again copied by CBM in return, which would place this release in 1975:

Rolling Stones TsitSTn Lie 2

Matrix: 47-105-A/B

“Label: White with Orange pirate logo and Side A/B. Includes a copyright message! [Also on blank labels.]

The back of the LP jacket is a printed cartoon drawing depicting microphones capturing music in various different vignettes including the pirate logo with the letters CBM around it.

Side 1: + Gimme Shelter/ ++ Happy/ ++ Tumbling Dice/ + Star Star/ + Heartbreaker

Side 2: ++ Dancing With Mr. D/ ++ Angie/ ++ You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Comments: + Hamburg, Germany, 2nd show, on October 2, 1973, and ++ Essen, Germany on October 10, 1973. A copy of the European disc “Stars In The Sky They Never Lie” on Caution Records, which is a copy of “Jean-Clarke Mammorial Sonic Barbecue” Matrix: TAKRL 1919 A/B. CBM used a black and white copy of the European “Stars…” color cover artwork. This disc is a rare one.”


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