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From the website, which has all the in depth information on the source material you could ever want:

Side A: Gimme Shelter*/Tumbling Dice/Brown Sugar/Heartbreaker*/Angie

Side B: Honky Tonk Women/Midnight Rambler/All Down The Line/Street Fighting Man*

Brussels 1973 from the KBFH broadcast; * denotes Wembley 09/09/73 source

“Comment: High quality vinyl and great sound. This is an interesting recording because there is an announcer that comes on before each side of the record begins. The music playing while he speaks are pieces of Glenn Miller’s “A String of Pearls” and “Moonlight Serenade”. He touts the sound of the recording on side 1, and the example of a not so good sounding song is Gimme Shelter from “Burning at The Hollywood Palladium” on TMQ (RS 522) from 6/9/72. This label was obviously not very loyal to it’s original roots! A picture of “Bedspring Symphony” can be found on page 152 of Geoffrey Giuliano & Chris Eborn’s “The Rolling Stones Album”, 1993. The photo for the cover insert is from the opening pages David Dalton’s book “Rolling Stones: An unauthorized biography in words, photographs, and music”, 1972. The insert covers came on both yellow and green paper shades.” 

Actually, the insert came in all kind of colors, as with all TAKRL releases.

The Rolling Stones in a fish and chip shop on the King’s Road, Chelsea.
Photo: Courtesy Scream Gallery London Copyright David Montgomery

Re-released in 1979 on Ken’s Excitable Recordworks label with the DJ’s comment left at the start of each side:

Rolling Stones East and West

Rolling Stones East and West b