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Track listing:

1. Station Man
2. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
3. Rhiannon
4. Landslide
5. I’m So Afraid
6. World Turning
7. Don’t Let Me Down Again
8. Hypnotized

Source: KBFH recording from the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ on June 7, 1975

Compare here:

Why the concert was then advertised as having taken place in Japan when it became part of the TAKRL 900 series is anybody’s guess. I believe the Mac didn’t tour Japan until December of 1977 on the Rumors Tour.

And then it was released for a third time by another of Ken’s side labels (with cover photos simply reversed):

In today’s digital age vinyl bootlegs then turned into something like this:

Remastered Edition
RMW 839

“32-bit declicked, denoised, pitch, phase and levels corrected from the 1979 LP on Excitable Recordworks 4515-1.

This is a mostly excellent-quality stereo FM-sourced recording; some static is present toward the end of the show. Excitable Recordworks was the second incarnation of the label previously known as Impossible Recordworks. This album is the third pressing from the same stampers. It was previously issued as “The Rockhoppers Live 1976” on Ze Anonym Plattenspieler ZAP 7858, and again in 1978 as “The Rockhoppers Live In Japan” on The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label TAKRL 902. It is reported variously as being recorded at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ in May 1975 (although it seems a bit strange that they would already be touring for an album that would not be released for another three months) and from a KBFH show from New Haven, CT on 11-20-75 (which seems more likely). I like the address listed for the label on the back cover – Legerdemain, USA (French for “sleight of hand”.)”