Ze AnonymPlattenspieler ZAP

A1         Slave Driver     4:23     
A2         Trenchtown Rock     5:56     
A3         Concrete Jungle     6:02     
A4         Midnight Ravers     6:36     
B1         Talkin’ Blues    6:06     
B2         Rebel Music     7:32     
B3         I Shot The Sheriff   12:22    

Recorded live, June 10th 1975 on the second night of an engagement at the Quiet Knight Club, Chicago, Illinois, USA by 93 XRT Radio for the “Budweiser Sunday Night Concert”. Bootlegs of this show have been released under different titles such as “Live In Chicago”; “Downtown Trenchtown”; and “The Last Club Tour ’75”. It has also been aired on various radio stations.
Some versions conclude with “Natty Dread” and it is possible that further tracks were performed on the night.

[What a cover!]

I tried to pinpoint the date for this show but that proved impossible. As you can check below, it is a rather good audience recording and it may even be from the Roxy.

Side 1: That’ll Be The Day / Silver Threads And Golden Needles / Willin’ / Someone To Lay Down Beside Me / When Will I Be Loved (19:50)

Side 2: I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You / Desperado / Love Is A Rose / You’re No Good / Heat Wave / Rivers Of Babylon / Heart Like A Wheel (23:35)

Cover says: “RECORDED THROUGH THE YEARS ALONG THE SILVER LINED RAILS OF THE HIAWATHA EXPRESS.” [Hidden advertizing for the upcoming Led Zeppelin title, I guess]

A1         I Am Waiting
A2         Under My Thumb
A3         Paint It Black                 A 1-3: Ready Steady Go 1966
A4         Love In Vain
A5         Honky Tonk Woman    A 4, 5: Ed Sullivan Show, November 23 ’69
A6         Dead Flowers
A7         Stray Cat Blues            A 6,7: Roundhouse, London, March 14 ’71
B1         You Can’t Always Get What You Want
B2         All Down The Line      B 1, 2: Madison Square Garden, NY, July 26 ’72
B3         Carol
B4         I’m Free
B5         Live With Me                B 3-5: Oakland Coliseum, November 9 ’69

“Vgm”, except B1,2: “Exs”


[So, who’s Renny then?]

Led Zep Archipelago 2

A “re-issue” of this title according to HOTWACKS :

It should be noted that a copy of this K&S album sold for $200+ on eBay just a few weeks before this post. While some bootleg LP’s you can barely give away, others go for big money – but not even consistently.

“Inevitably. Hot Wacks was not the product of some dispassionate observer but someone who had been getting his own hands dirty. Kurt Glemser was already dipping into the mire at the time of Hot Wacks IV. K (as in Kurt) & S Records’ first release, a collection of live Led Zeppelin recordings, had appeared at the beginning of 1976. In the grand tradition of copycat bootleggers, Sin City Social was a shoddy mix’n’match drawn exclusively from TMQs Bonzo’s Birthday Party, Three Days After and Blueberry Hill.” [Heylin, Bootleg, p. 131]

The biggest question for me is, why would you include an Alice Cooper studio recording on a Led Zeppelin bootleg…

The album seems to be quite rare as it cannot even be found in the popsike vinyl records auction database.

Side 1
Worried blues
Tomorrow is a long time
New Orleans rag
Who killed Davy Moore?
Talkin’ John Birch Society blues
Mixed up confusion
Corrina Corrina
Talkin’  bear mountain massacre picnic blues

Side 2
That’s all Right Mama
I’ll keep it with mine
Sitting on a barbed wire fence
She belongs to me
If you gotta go, go now
Love-zero/no limit

But back to the beginning. In 1972. Dub decided to create a “Best of GWW” album culled from tracks on the the albums Stealin’, John Birch, While the establishment burns, Talkin’ bear mountain and Seems like a freeze out. The matrix number was GWW 117 A/B and the later designation 71034.

Square labels version – I believe only the GWW 117 versions have these:

Around 1974, Ken copied this album for the first time – shown here below – and again in 1977, resulting in the ZAP title pictured first at the beginning of this post.

A re-issue of:

in the usual Wizardo splash colored vinyl variations:

Track list:

A1     Patti Smith –     Real Good Time Together  – (Velvet Underground)
A2     Patti Smith –     RAP / Giuseppe Verdi
A3     John Cale –     This Heart Of Mine – (John Cale)
A4     Patti Smith –     Strained On Strange
A5     Patti Smith –     Free Money
B1     Patti Smith –     Pale Blue Eyes – (Velvet Underground)
B2     Patti Smith –     Louie Louie
B3     Patti Smith –     Smooth Stone Beyond
B4     Patti Smith –     Gloria
B5     Patti Smith –     My Generation – (The Who)

From a P. Smith bootleg site:

Side 1: “Real Good Time Together”, “G. Verdi”, “I Keep A Close Watch” “Ain’t It Strange”, “Free Money”      Side 2: “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Birdland”, “Gloria”, “My Generation”

Sound quality is fair, performance is excellent. Some (if not all) were released on multicolored vinyl. Also released as Hard Nipples (ZAP 7882)

COMMENTS: Even though it’s not the greatest sound quality, it’s listenable and it is a great show, John Cale makes an appearance.

Unfortunately, neither label told us where & when this was recorded and 35+ years later, we still do not know and the following is the closest we will ever get to the original source:

“This bootleg presents a live Patti Smith performance from late 1975/early 1976 in which she appears with John Cale, who produced her just-released debut album, Horses. Cale gets a solo spot on “I Keep a Close Watch,” awhile Smith intersperses songs from Horses (and “Ain’t It Strange” from the upcoming Radio Ethiopia) with such concert covers as the Velvet Underground’s “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” and “Pale Blue Eyes” and the Who’s “My Generation,” as well as spicing up the proceedings with her usual commentary on everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Giuseppe Verdi. Especially interesting is a version of “Birdland” that makes the song’s references to Wilhelm Reich explicit. Unfortunately, the sound quality on what must be an audience tape is low. (Also released under the title Turn It Up.) ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide”