ETS Label Japan



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Japan: 1985 – the band toured Japan in March of ’85

Source: Audience recording from Long Beach Arena, 31 December 1984

2573 A: Intro / U Got It / In Your Direction / Wanted Man / Tell The World
2573 B: You’re In Trouble / I’m Insane / Give It All / The Morning After
2574 A: Back For More / Never Use Love / Walkin The Dog / Bobby Blotzer drum solo
2574 B: Sweet Cheater / Lack Of Communication / Round And Round



A rarely seen bootleg and that is why I do not have any further images for this as the few others are all smaller than this one. If you have better quality images, please leave a comment.

Japan: 1985

Source: Audience recording from San Diego Sports Arena, 17 April 1984.

2571 A: Tiger Tiger / Is There Something I Should Know? / Hungry Like the Wolf / The Reflex / New Moon on Monday
2571 B: Union of the Snake / New Religion / Cracks in the Pavement / Of Crime and Passion / Friends of Mine
2572 A: The Seventh Stranger / The Chauffeur / Save A Prayer / Planet Earth
2572 B: My Own Way / Careless Memories / Rio / Girls on Film





Japan: 1985 – they toured Japan in April of ’85

Source: Audience recording from NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on 21 January 1984.  Show # 5 of a scheduled seven night run and the final one as the last two dates had to be canceled due to Bruce getting sick.

2569 A: Aces High / Two Minutes To Midnight / The Trooper / Revelations
2569 B: Losfer Words / Flight Of Icarus / Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
2570 A: Powerslave / The Number Of The Beast / Hallowed By The Name / 22 Arcacia Avenue
2570 B: Iron Maiden / Run To The Hills / Runnin’ Free / Sanctuary


1985-01-17 Radio Music City Hall, New York City





Japan: 1985 – Rising Force toured Japan in January of that year.

Source: Supposedly recorded at L.A. Country Club in December of 1984. Perhaps, this blog post can help us confirm this:

Side 1: See The Light* / Caught In The Middle* / As Above, So Below / Don’t Let It End* / Far Beyond The Sun
Side 2: On The Run Again* / Black Star / Anguish and Fear* / I’m A Viking*
Side 3: Little Savage / Kree Nakoorie / Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar solo)
Side 4: Diciples of Hell* / Hiroshima / Evil Eye / Jet to Jet
* unreleased Tracks – at the time this record was released

For comparison:

Yngwie Malmsteen – Live at Sun Plaza Hall,Tokyo.Japan 1985-01-24 (SBD)

01.Intro/I’ll See The Light, Tonight
02.As Above, So Below
03.Don’t Let It End
04.Far Beyond The Sun
05.On The Run Again
06.Anguish And Fear
07.Icarus’ Dream Suit/I Am A Viking
08.Hiroshima Mon Amour
09.Black Star
10.Jet To Jet
11.Kree Nakoorie
12.Guitar Solo
13.Disciples Of Hell

Yngwie Malmsteen-Guitars
Jens Johansson-Keyboards
Marcel Jacob-Bass
Jeff Scott Soto-Vocals
Anders Johansson-Drums





Referring to XL’s earlier HALEN HEARTY release on the title side labels; both bootlegs come from the same tour (which one is better?). XL and ETS titles were made by the same person(s).

Japan: 1985

Source: Audience recording from the L.A. Forum on 13 May 1984 (indeed, it was Mother’s Day in the US on that day)

ETS 2565 A: Unchained / Hot For Teacher / I’m On Fire / Running With The Devil / Little Guitars
ETS 2565 B: Cathedral – House Of Pain /Michael Anthony Bass solo – Jamie’s Crying / I’ll Wait / Everybody Wants Some Pt.1 / David Lee Roth Chats
ETS 2566 A: Everybody Wants Some Pt.2 / Girl Gone Bad / 1984 / Jump! / Edward Van Halen On Guitar
ETS 2566 B: King Of Wild Guitar / Oh! Pretty Woman / Panama / You Really Got Me Really / Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love







Japan: 1985

Source: Audience recording from the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK on 01 September 1984 (2nd night of a three night run). This is confirmed information, so this is definitely not a Japan concert in disguise (for a change).

ETS 2563 A: Tear It Up/ Tie Your Mother Down / Under Pressure / Somebody To Love / Killer Queen / The Seven Seas Of Rhye / Keep Yourself Alive / Liar
ETS 2563 B: It’s A Hard Life / Staying Power / Dragon Attack / Now I’m Here / Is This The World We Created / Love Of My Life
ETS 2564 A: Stone Cold Crazy / Brian May Guitar Solo / Hammer To Fall / Another One Bites The Dust / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting
ETS 2564 B: Bohemian Rhapsody / Radio Ga Go / I Want To Break Free / Sheer Heart Attack / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions / God Save The Queen

The recording runs a bit too slow. It’s A Hard Life and Freddie’s speech after that were cut due to a tape change; B+ rating. Three further sources exist for this night.


Out of all the Japanese Queen bootlegs, this was one of the least desirable ones over the years, when looking at the popsike data. Someone just tried offering it at 150 and then at 250 Euros (yes, in that order) and it failed to sell each time.





Japan 1985 – Culture Club played concert dates in Japan in June of ’84.

A copy of this title sold for a remarkable $280 in January of 2015

Source: Supposedly recorded at Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ on 12 November 1984 but this is unconfirmed. As there are songs here from their Waking Up With The House On Fire album, which was released in late October of ’84, the recording seems to come from that tour.

2561 A: The Dive / Unfortunate Thing / I’ll Tumble 4 Ya / The Medal Song / Time
2561 B: Church Of The Poisoned Mind / Do You Really Want To Hurt Me / Mistake No.3 / Karma Chameleon
2562 A: It’s A Miracle / Dangerous Man / Mister Man / Mannequin
2556 B: Miss Me Blind / Hello Goodbye / The War Song / That’s The Way (I’m Only Trying To Help You) / Crime Time

“Track B4 fades out early, and track C1 fades into the middle of the first verse.”


This track listing from a radio broadcast from a concert in Sydney from July of 1984 seems to indicate that the ETS bootleg comes indeed from a later concert):
01. Take Control
02. Mister Man
03. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
04. It’s a Miracle
05. Karma Chameleon
06. Black Money
07. Love Twist
08. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
09. Church of the Poison Mind
10. Victims
11. Time (Clock of the Heart)

Tracks missing:
12. Miss Me Blind
13. White Boy
14. That’s the Way (I’m Only Trying to Help You)
15. Melting Pot