Adding a missing death records title: #528 – PATTI SMITH ‘GOOD FRIDAY – PART 1’

smith p 528

Manufactured in the Los Angeles area: 1977. Apparently, the planned part 2 never happened.

Likely only 100 copies pressed. Matrix: 75281 (‘wrmb’ scratched)

Source: Patti mentions seeing the Stones at Earls Court in London a couple of months ago (when she was in London as well to perform at the Roundhouse and appear on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test). death records tended to record concerts in the Seattle or L.A. area only, so my best guess is that this comes from her Roxy, L.A. concert from November of 1976.

Quality comment: “The sound quality is good to excellent (but Patti sounds completely worn out).”

Side A: “Free Money”, “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Ask The Angels”, “Time Is On My Side”
Side B: “Pumping (My Heart)”, “Ain’t It Strange”, “Gloria”


Thanks to Andrew for pointing out this release and reporting back on the content.

  1. Andrew Molloy said:

    Thanks for this post! I have listened to the lp again and cannot detect any other clues as to the venue or date. I do think the show is different from any other Patti boots (have them all, to best of my knowledge). Your guess of Roxy, 11/76 seems like a good one. I also agree with the quality assessment (“Patti sounds completely worn out”). She screws up the words a few times and makes reference to that and being ‘lost’ at certain points.

    • You are welcome, Andrew. I’d agree that this is a unique recording, as all of death’s releases were. That comment was taken from a site that lists her vinyl bootlegs.

  2. chris said:

    Am I dreaming or….you are back !!!!!!!!!!……………Thank god !!!!!!

  3. No, just fulfilling a promise I made when I created the death records posts (to add missing entries if submitted).

  4. chris said:

    so, please, make more promises !!!!

    • J said:


  5. J said:


  6. Erik T said:

    Cool post, glad to see this! I wondered about Death Records -didn’t they release the only Dolly Parton bootleg at the time?

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