David Bowie ‘Ziggy in concert’ (WCF # 1806 + 1807) + IN PERSON / IN AMERICA (TMOQ 71054/62) + CBM’s only ever Bowie release (2810)


Matrix : 1806 A  /  1806 B



Matrix: 1807 – A   /  1807 – B

WCF did some of the worst ever “song title mangling” bootleggers sometimes committed as they were not familiar with an artist’s repertoire, on the blue volume: “Moonoge Dyelseom”, “Gene Genie” and “Luffragete City”.

I do believe WCF made this first available in the form of single albums (just like TMOQ did) only to be distinguished by their color but a double version also appears to have been made:



Year of release: 1973, perhaps late spring or middle of the year

Reissued ca. 1974/5 with a redesigned cover:




Source: KMET-FM’s broadcast of Bowie’s first of two shows at the Santa Monica Civic Center on 20 October, 1972. RCA also recorded the performance on multi-track tapes (and then left them in the vault for 22 years while the bootlegs from this show gained a reputation for their un-bootleg-like excellent sound quality and Bowie’s A-game performance that would even eclipse the official David Live a couple of years later.

Bowie SM 72 pic


Now, coming back to the red & blue first releases, these are referred to as the very first Bowie bootlegs. While I agree with him on the release date being 1973, he is off on dating the TMOQ titles IN PERSON & IN AMERICA as only having been released in 1974. Using the TMOQ RecordWiki (that used to be posted under the recordcollectorsguild.org) as I have done throughout the blog, as the dates have so far been the most detailed and only one error could so far been found by a major bootleg collector, IN PERSON would date around January of 1973 (#71054, matrix: DB – 528) and IN AMERICA (#71062, matrix DB – 531) from around April of ’73.


Regarding the order of the TMOQ releases, Bassman is also incorrect when describing the first version, “The first and original discs came in a so called TMQ Production cover, and they all have labels with the songs listed on one side and the TMQ pig on the other.” I have shown these versions below. The cartoon cover edition was not the first but came after the generic farm pig label editions on colored vinyl and in stamped and sticker-ed covers.

So, Ziggy in concert. was not the first David Bowie bootleg but IN PERSON was.

There are also differences in content & quality between both labels:

  • TMOQ edited the the DJ talk out, WCF left it in.
  • TMOQ had the edge when it came to the sound quality.



I came across this CBM copy presenting the second half of the show, likely taken from IN AMERICA, and winning the award for Most Minimalist Cover Art. It appears that this is the only Bowie title they ever put out. I did not find any evidence that they had copied IN PERSON as well.

Released around 1974.


Matrix: 2810-C  /   2810-D

Curiously, it shares its matrix number with Ken”s issue of the In Person / In America material, which he released as a double album:

Bowie Santa Monica double

Matrix: 1847/2810


  1. Stephen Evans said:

    Great post! Have never seen that CBM copy -that’s cool – thanks for the great work as usual

    • J said:

      indeed..a very interesting one…..fab done

  2. YesDays said:

    This series on WCF has been very insightful, for me, since I never really gave any consideration to their “releases” or tried to seek any of them out. Overall, it appears they were a rather trashy, rip-off label. I guess WCF could stand for “wants cash fast”. Pitiful.

    • I was really curious, YesDays, if Bassman”s claim that WCF had released the first DB bootleg would hold, after it became clear in doing this series how many titles they had copied. Not surprised it didn’t after all. Analyzing their history is fun for me, I’ve lost my “consumer attitude”, I guess.

  3. J said:

    first line i agreed…..didn’t even know for years what dealers, mags, books meant with the moniker WCF. Thank you kornyphonemaster, for a very good insight in their work. ( and today …if the devil ‘s playing a game….i had the opportunity to get many of their titles.)
    Second line…sorry dear YESDays, i do not agree with your opinion…..they fulfilled the question in live recordings….copy’d or not….i think they did the bootleg legacy honour…..and their simple but fair insert designs and foldopen kartons are in my opinion an eyecatcher. Prefer those , good old days insert with less or no information more than the full coloured covers thesedays….sorry to say …my meaning.
    If any one of the WCF is stil lalive..drop the webmaster a line and tell him your story’s….:-)

    • YesDays said:

      Thanks, J. Sounds like you wouldn’t be quite as disappointed as the person who brought home the new WCF title, eagerly put it on the turntable, and then learned some of the songs listed on the cover weren’t actually on the record.

      • j said:

        nope….it’s that magic of bootleggin ‘ isn’t it? 🙂

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