SANTANA-LIVE (a WCF copy, #4046) and ‘COLLECTOR’S ITEM’ (WCF copy, #4047) plus TMOQ’s ‘HOT AND ALIVE’ (# 71073)



Dated (early) 1973 due to the recording dates and chronological numbering of this section of the 40XX list of WCF releases:

4033 Taylor, James – November ’72
4044 Taylor, James – LIVE NEW YORK – Nov. 1972
4045 Rolling Stones – LiveR Than You’ll Ever Be
4046 Santana – Live
4047 Santana – Collector’s Item
4048 Moody Blues – october 1972

Corrected track list:

Side 1: Conquistadore Rides Again (5:40) / You Just Don’t Care (5:26) / Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries (7:10)
Side 2: Waiting (6:14) / Treat (9:16) / Gumbo (4:25)

Source: Soundboard recording recorded live at Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati, OH on October 21,1969

The information found online claims there were two shows that day and indicates that the material is not presented in order on all the bootlegs:

Early Show
01 Waiting
02 Evil Ways
03 Treat/Shades Of Time
04 Savor/Jingo
05 Persuasion
Late Show
01 Conquistador Rides Again
02 You Just Don’t Care
03 Fried Neckbones
04 Persuasion
05 Soul Sacrifice
06 Gumbo

This is disc one originally released in 1971 by the outfit responsible for the three collector’s item releases (Santana/Neil Young & The Who), released in limited pressings likely in the Cincinnati area.



WCF # 4047:


The insert blatantly copied from CBM, who had released their own copy of sides 4 + 3 around the 2nd half of 1972, as determined by their list of chronological releases: 

3508 Rolling Stones – Goin’ Back To The Roots: American Tour/July 72 (5 July 1972)

3519 Beatles – Get Back To Toronto

3552 Beatles – Live Concert Atlanta
3553 Santana – Collectors Item


Side A: Evil Ways (4:31) / Shades Of Time>Savor Jingo (14:50)
Side B: Persuasion (3:00) / Soul Sacrifice pt 1 / Michael Shrieve drum solo / Soul Sacrifice pt 2 (15:24)



It appears that TMOQ’s HOT AND ALIVE comes from the same source as has the same tracks in the same lengths as sides 1 and 2 of the original double album. It is therefore likely a copy as well.



Released ca. April 1973 – the 10th cover art drawn for TMOQ by William Stout. Numbered 71073 and with matrix: S-117 A / B


  1. Doinker said:

    I’m a bit confused. I posted this show on DaD and it was determined to be Ludlow’s Garage, not the Fillmore.

    • Do you own any of the LIVE / collector’s item versions and can determine if it really is the same recording?

    • YesDays said:

      Just for clarification, the posting states live at the the Winterland (not Fillmore). Thanks

    • You must be right, Doinker. Correcting the source to Cincinnati, OH makes all sources of the three “collector’s items” releases Ohio-sourced and that’s where that short-lived bootleg outfit was based. as we already know.

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