WCF label ‘deja vu’ – LOGGINS AND MESSINA ‘YOUR MOMMA DON’T DANCE / IN CONCERT’ (a WCF copy, # 1975)


These labels were shown in my previous post of WCF’s copy of the early pre-TMOQ title John Birch Society Blues. It reminded me that I have seen these unique labels before – conveniently on another WCF/pre-Berkeley title. Perhaps they are more common to those who own a large collection but if you look around on the net, they are not easy to find. So, here we go (the images open up to full size when you click on them):


Released ca. 1973/4 as the 3rd version of this bootleg. You can see them all in previous post.

Matrix: 1975 – A / B

It turns out that this is a semi-pirate album, as the source for this was an FM broadcast based on a college radio station promo album:

Recorded 25 March, 1972 at the CBS 30th Street Studio in New York City, attended by “400 college radio programmers and D.J.’s.”  Included here are songs that would form part of their second album, to be released in October of ’72. “Lady Of My Heart” is misnamed on here but not on the bootleg slip sheet.

  1. Doinker said:

    I have sent you many messages on this album.

  2. YesDays said:

    There is a copy of this LP currently (2018 June) available on a somewhat well-known Internet auction website, albeit with blank white labels, that states the matrix number is “1975 A/B”.

  3. I have a Red Label copy of “Your Mama Don’t Dance” on R&S records.
    Matrix #1111 LM Side A
    Matrix #1111 LM Side B

    • Thank you, Roger. Completely different from mine, except for the “LM”.

  4. YesDays said:

    Thanks Roger. I saw a copy of that version also on eBay. The seller states it was released in 1976.

    • Thank you for looking for the matrix number, YesDays. I believe WCF/pre-Berkeley stopped the folder covers by ’75 and only did the b&w ones from then on, so I doubt 1976 is correct.

  5. Karl said:

    My Berkeley fold-out cover version (blue) has matrix 1975-A/-B. The original seems to be the HH (Herby Howard) release on R&S record with printed labels, this pressing also seen with Phonygraph labels.

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