LEON RUSSELL ‘THE MASTER OF SPACE AND TIME’ (a WCF copy, # 724 – 2 diff. inserts) and ‘RECORDED LIVE FROM AN EARLIER BROADCAST’ (ditto, # 730)

Russell L TMoSaTime

Rusell L TMoSaT b

Russell MoSaT

WCF’s earliest ‘wrap-around’ insert?

Russell L TMoSaT alt ins lbl

Also exists with the following rarer insert:

Russell L TMoSaT alt ins 2



For comparison, this is the label of the original Zerocks Records 1971 release:

Russell MoSaT lbl


USA: Last quarter of 1971 or 1972 (for the WCF copy)


Russell L RLfaEBC

Russell L RLfaEBC lbl


And the Keylo/TMOQ original label:

Russell L RLfaEB yel lbl



USA: 1972 (again, for the WCF copy not the Keylo original, I wish I had an approximate release date for that one though like I have for the ‘TMOQ mk 1’ releases)

Did the fine folks at WCF know and/or care that both originals contained the same material (where they overlapped)?

Source: Leon Russell & Session – Homewood Session, Vine Street Theatre, Hollywood, CA – was originally broadcast on December 5, 1970 on KCET TV Los Angeles

One of 1971’s bootleg favorite, review it here <—- link, including the full broadcast for your viewing pleasure.


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  1. Phil Hayes said:

    I have a copy of what appears to be another version of the “Recorded at an earlier broadcast” The sleeve has a stuck on yellow label and is headed WATERCRESS (STEREO) LEON RUSSEL IN CONCERT. No inner printing just plane white labels. the track listing is the same except for side 1 track 2 my copy states CRAZY LOVE not LA-LA-LA. it also has a stamp on the back No. 001980

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