The Elusive Procol Harum (a WCF original, # 718)

Procol Harum The Elusive

Procol Harum The Elusive 718

Procol Harum The Elusive det


USA: 1971/2

Pressed in larger quantities than the preceding three titles in WCF’s 700 series.

Source:  WPLJ-FM radio broadcast from the A&R Studios in New York, 12 April 1971 during their North American tour. The date confirms my placing of the 700 series in the months between mid-1971 to early 1972.

Unfortunately, this pressing did not come out well, only earning a “Gm” rating in HOTWACKS “with the exception of ‘Fare Thee Well’, which is very poor.”.  HOTWACKS continues that this is also available on CBM 718 “from original plates”. I have never seen the CBM copy and without having compared the matrices, I would not make this claim and suggestion that there was a relationship between the two labels (other than CBM copying several of WCF’s titles, as we have seen so far).  Previously, we saw another case of identical matrix numbers for their respective copies of Led Zeppelin’s Blueberry Hill.

The correct track list is:

1 Memorial Drive
2 Still There’ll be more
3 Nothing that I didn’t know
4 Simple Sister
5 Luskus Delph
6 Shine On Brightly
7 Whaling Stories
8 Broken Barricades
9 Juicy John Pink
10 A Salty Dog
11 Whisky Train
12 Power Failure

Gary Brooker (voice & piano)
Chris Copping (Hammond organ, bass)
Robin Trower (guitar, bass)
BJ Wilson (drums)


TMOQ later released a significant quality upgrade of the first 10 tracks with the matrix # 1844 A/B. The four digit TMOQ titles are seen as Ken’s part of the output following his ouster from TMOQ by Dub and his father.

Procol Harum Shine On Live


  1. nana said:

    From what pressing comes the white label scan? It is a Meters “ease back” label flipped.

    • We’ve had a Meters label print through before, if I remember correctly. That 45 is from 1969, so unfortunately not helping in timing the 700 series.
      The label image comes from the discogs listing.

      • Erik T said:

        So a 7″ label has been inverted and slapped on this bootleg? Odd indeed. I think Josie Records were a New York City based label. The Meters are amazing. I have a lot of live recordings and the set lists changed, they jammed super hard. I have most of their legit lp’s which are generally excellent. There were very few live Meters tapes floating around. They opened on some Stones dates in 1975 but there are no recordings I know of. Paul McCartney hired them to play his birthday party in 1975 and the resulting live cd (no lp at the time) is fantastic.
        They morphed into the Neville Brothers and the book written with them is a pretty hair raising read. They were rowdier than fellow New Orleanian Dr John and his autobiography made Keith Richards’ life look straight!
        Just my two cents on The Meters!

    • YesDays said:

      Reversed “Meters” labels are documented in the Dennis Liff book on Dylan bootlegs for the Dylan title “Great White Wonder”. For this version, Liff states it was the 1974 WCF re-issue pressing of GWW with the folder-style cover. So this differs from the discogs image of this Procol Harum title, which appears to have a conventional, colored jacket and insert. At any rate, I think there is significant evidence that the reversed “Meters” labels signify a pressing by the WCF people.

      • Based on what I’ve seen so far, I believe a white label version was almost always a later reissue, even if not in a folder cover. Agreed on the negative Meters label being a WCF specialty.

  2. YesDays said:

    I have a copy of Hot Wacks Book VIII (July 1980) and the “Recording:” entry for this title reads “Good mono with the exception of “Fare Thee Well” which is pure shit”.

    • Not mincing any words there. … Still, WCF decided to press it anyway.

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