JANIS JOPLIN ‘Wicked Woman’ (a WCF original, #JJ-713)

Joplin J Wicked Woman 3

Joplin J Wicked Woman lbl 1

Joplin J Wicked Woman lbl 2

Usually found with a green insert and only with olive green labels.

Joplin J Wicked Woman detail

Actual set list:

Tell Mama
Half Moon
Mercedes Benz
My Baby
Untitled Instrumental (Full Tilt?)

Joplin J Wicked Woman

Comment from the bootlegzone entry: “Judging by the reference number (713) and the titles, this LP was probably released in 1971, at least before the release of Pearl, since the tracks that were on that posthumous release have been given quite wildly guessed names here.”

Regarding equating the number with the release year, the method was incorrect but the conclusion was right. Now, PEARL was released January 11th, 1971 and that would contradict the previous statement, as without a doubt this was not released in the first 10 days of 1971. The real reason is, as always, that bootleggers were rarely fans of every single artist and recording they put out and so busy bootlegging they tended not to spend much time on research, even that as simple as checking song titles on an aquaintaince’ copy of the official album.

USA: 1971/2

This should have been WCF’s biggest coup but it seems they themselves didn’t even know what they had here – a partial recording of Janis’s last ever live performance at Harvard Stadium, Boston, MA on August 12th, 1970 as part of the Schaefer Music Festival that year.

Unfortunately, the audio quality – never rated in my copies of HOTWACKS – is rough. Was that the reason that this was never copied, not even by CBM? At least I have never come across a copy of this. Another reason was a likely limited pressing run and no reissue by WCF themselves.



The City of Boston’s “Summer thing” arts festival and the Shaeffer Brewing Company are jointly sponsoring a series of 18 concerts at the Stadium. Those appearing in concert include. The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and the Supremes.
Though there have been occasional concerts in Harvard Stadium in past years, this is the first summer the University has lent the stadium for a full-fledged concert series.
While all went smoothly at the first concert last Monday, after Wednesday’s concert, some members of the crowd rushed into Harvard Square, snatching purses, and roughing up passers-by.
Wednesday’s post-concert action has stirred some criticism of the concerts among City officials. Those sponsoring the concerts had agreed to provide their own security; no police were stationed in the stadium during the concert.
Cambridge Police Chief James F. Regan and officials of “Summerthing” are now conferring to determine what stops should be taken to prevent a recurrence of Wednesday’s incidents. The Cambridge City Council may also take up the issue at its meeting tonight.
The Shaeffer Co. is underwriting the concerts to the amount of $360.000, “Summerthing”- established by the City of Boston two years ago to “cool off” the City during the summer- will receive a share of the proceeds. The share will probably be in excess of $30.000.
Though Harvard Stadium seats more than 35.000, tickets for the concerts are restricted to 10.000 seats, to allow all present a better sound. All tickets cost $2. The schedule of the remaining concerts is as follows:
June 29 – B. B. King. Butterfield Blues Band; James Cotton Blues Band.
July 01 – Ten Years After- Matt The Hoople.
July 06 – The Four Seasons.
July 08 – Miles Davis Buddy Miles, Big Band; Seatrain.
July 13 – The Grateful Dead. John Hammond.
July 15 – Ike and Tina Turner, Voices of East Harlem.
July 20 – John Sebastian. Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, Manhattan Transfer.
July 22 – Van Morrison, Great Speckled Bird with lan and Sylvia, Tom Paxton.
July 27 – Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Ramsey Lewis, Carla Thomas, Lean Thomas. Percy Mayfield.
July 29 – Jose Feliciano.
August 3 – The Johnny Mathis Show.
August 10 – The Supremes.
August 12 – Janis Joplin.
August 17 – Tom Rush, Melanie.



Joplin J Schaefer M F

  1. Erik T said:

    I’ve never seen this one. It must be rather rare. I have the deluxe purple-ish cover version of Get It While You Can and I have seen it as well as the yellow cover version several times over the years, but not this one. I wonder if Janis sales tapered off soon after her death, as crappy records of plenty of other artists seeme to have been reissued over the years. I am quite a big fan, and now that I think about it, the short, 35-40 minute tape I had of this show probably came from this boot, and if I remember correctly, it was an entirely decent audience tape. Better than other Massachsetts Janis tapes like Braintree 68 with Paul Butterfield or Boston 69 with Johnny Winter.
    I have also seen enough WCF records over the years to assume they were well distributed by bootleg standards. Unless they were all sold in the East Coast / Canadian market.

    • I’m guessing you meant her official album sales – I can tell you that the 700 series had more limited pressings in them than WCF’s others.

    • YesDays said:

      Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the part about “East Coast / Canadian market” and what it implies about where WCF pressings were made, or perhaps I’m wrong about WCF, but I thought they were made somewhere on the U.S. West coast.

      • YesDays, I was also misled by the name “Berkeley” for the longest time but I’ve been told WCF resided in a northern state. I doubt it was the Pacific NW but probably MN all the way to MA and the states below that (IL, OH, NY ,,,) come into play here.

        That they would get copied by CBM regularly but not by any of the West Coast labels has convinced me further.

        • YesDays said:

          Interesting. It wasn’t the Berkeley label name they later used on their releases, with the London address. I was just thinking about the time period when their initial run of releases were produced, and a geographic location in the US at the time where we know there were record pressing facilities willing to make records like these, for what was probably some guy(s) walking in off the street. And the epicenter for this, at the time, was California. Plus WCF copied TMOQ and Rubber Dubber, and I would say some of the WCF pressings and labels look very similar to Rubber Dubber. Just some superficial thoughts like that made me think US West Coast. I wasn’t buying bootleg records at the time, and so I don’t personally know about distribution of WCF releases and geographically where they were readily available in stores over-the-counter (or under-the-counter, as the case may have been).

          • You are making very good points here, YesDays. I wish I could offer something more substantial.

  2. Stephen Evans said:

    Also a note to those who might care, this is one of the few boots you can still get on Discogs since the sad purge of bootlegs there. Which is much easier than bidding on one on ebay.

    • That is because the “secret police” that runs discogs will not accept the name “WCF” as an official label name, 40+ years of collector’s acceptance be damned, as it isn’t printed anywhere on these titles. So they will only allow the name printed on the paper label or the generic term, while those who actually work there didn’t dig that far down to look for bootlegs.

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