BOB DYLAN ‘ISLE OF WIGHT’ (a WCF copy; # 509)

Dylan Isle Of Wight 2


Dylan IoWight 509 lbl a.jpg

The sides seem to be reversed, i.e., the concert started with the tracks on side two but that is how the British original had it as well. This is not the complete performance., which consists of 17 songs. “I’ll be your baby tonight” is found here between “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Mighty Quinn” but was missed by all WCF and the  CBM version pirating this insert. The different vinyl bootleg versions all suffered from challenging audio. The concert was also recorded on multi-track tapes, and after a few tracks appeared on an EP in the early 70’s, the whole concert was officially released in 2013.

USA: 1971

There also appears to be a later WCF reissue in their trade mark folder style covers.

Copied from one of the following choices:

  • The original 1970 UK release; 1st edition: Blank black label, with or without stamp. 2nd edition: With island sticker – C-7 A/B matrix on all copies:

  • Any of the three different Holland 1971 Peace / Piece versions:

1st issue: Title stamp plus peace sign in red or blue with this label; 2nd issue: Slightly larger stamp in purple:

3rd issue with a different red stamp and a pink “Piece” label:

The matrix for all three  versions was ’31 W-A/B HM-PART – 1/2 ‘



CBM Copies with matrix ‘ (C-7-A) MOTION BEAVER REC. 104701 / (C-7-B) MOTION BEAVER REC. 104702 ‘

  1. Using WCF’s art work again and with their early ‘large letter’ label style:

To me, this proves again that WCF’s version had come first.


2.  This rare insert variation, I have only found once:

3.  And finally the last version, ca. 1974 in their ‘minimalist insert’ style:


TMOQ’s popular and more complete version did not appear until around September of 1972


Dylan was a late addition at the Isle of Wight Festival, this was his first performance in over two years.


John, George and Ringo watching Dylan. While for George it was the start of a life-long friendship and appreciation, John would 10 years later record himself calling Dylan (along with Paul McCartney) a “company man” and “… Gotta Save Somebody … I guess he wants to be a waiter now …”.



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