BOB DYLAN ‘THE KINDEST CUT’ (a WCF copy, # 507) and revisiting the BBG Records original

Dylan Kindest Cut 2


Dylan Kindest Cut

The insert is also found in b&w, green or red.



USA: 1971/2

Matrix: 507 A / B

It appears that this was reissued in the folder-style cover as well and exists with a different insert or a wrap around insert or even a printed cover, which moved the track list to the back:

Dylan Kindest Cut alt ins

Dylan Kindest Cut alt insert b



A copy of this 1971 original:

Dylan Kindest Cut BBG

The sticker found on the back was copied by WCF and integrated as part of their art work:

Dylan Kindest Cut sticker 2

The one on the front was not:

Dylan Kindest Cut sticker

Dylan Kindest Cut lbl 1

Dylan Kindest Cut lbl 2

Matrix: RI 3145 / FIWN

Sources: The majority of these recordings comes from the “Minnesota Hotel tape”, recorded 22 December 1961. More info here: 

Exceptions are “Ballad of Donald White” from a March 1963 WBAI FM radio broadcast and “Only a hobo/talkin’ devil” and “John Brown” from the 1963 Broadside recordings.


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  1. 4mabs said:

    The photo on the cover was later used on the CD boot, Dimestore Medicine.

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