THE BYRDS ‘LIVE AT BUDDY’S IN ENGLAND’ (a WCF original and first Byrds bootleg; # 502)

Byrds LaBiE

Byrds LaBiE b&w

Byrds LaBiE lbl 1

Byrds LaBiE lbl 2

Byrds LaBiE pur 2

The track list on side A is incorrect, as this owner corrected insert shows; the first track is “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” and not “Eight Miles High”:

Side A: You Ain’t Going Nowhere 3:30 / Lover Of The Bayou 4:30 / Old Blue 4:15 / Well Come Back Home 4:15 / My Back Pages 3:10                                                                    Side B: Baby, what do you want me to do 4:00 / He Was A Friend Of Mine 3:28 / Willin’ 4:09 / Fiddle Song 3:02 / Take A Whiff On Me 3:45

USA: 1971

I believe this was the first ever Byrds bootleg. While an East Coast bootlegger made up the venue ‘Atlanta Whiskey Flat’ for a Beatles performance, here WCF invented ‘Buddy’s in England’ for this tape which most likely was passed to them without any identifying information.

Source: Incomplete radio broadcast by Dutch station VPRO, as broadcast on a US radio station some time after the event: The Byrds at the tail end of their European tour, recorded here in Amsterdam at the Concertgebouw on 1970-07-07. Concertvault claims this is the  10:30PM second show (there was also a 7PM early show, which can be found on their website).

It appears, the complete set list looked like this:

Amsterdam, 1970-07-07

You ain’t going nowhere
Lover of the bayou
Old blue
Welcome back home
My back pages
Baby, what do you want me to do
He was a friend of mine
Fiddle tune
Take a whiff on me
This wheels on fire
It’s alright, Ma (I’m only bleeding)
Watching the river flow
Jesus is just alright
All things
Country jig
Medley: Turn turn turn/ Mr. Tambourine man/
8 miles high
So you want to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll star
Positively 4th street
Mr. Spaceman
You don’t miss your water
Chestnut mare
Chimes of freedom
Amazing grace



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