The WCF 500 series: ELTON JOHN – SUPER STAR – LIVE (# 501; copy?)

John SS L F YS

Also found with a yellow printed insert.

John E Super Star - Live lbl A

John E Super Star - Live lbl B

USA: 1971 (“Your Song”, which gets special billing here was released as a single B-side in the US in late October 1970 (and would eventually muscle the A-side “Take Me To The Pilot” out of the way and take over as the preferred track).

Found with matrices ‘501 – A / B’ or ‘501 – A / B x’ (which makes me wonder if the additional ‘x’ was denotes a second pressing or reissue).

Source: I would have guessed this is another bootleg from the often bootlegged WABC-FM NY radio broadcast that led to his unplanned 17-11-70 live album but perhaps that is not correct. HOTWACKS only gave it a “Fair stereo” and fan site only states “ vari concerti 1970 “.

  1. Andrew Molloy said:

    I have also always assumed this was taken from the 11/17/70 recording and never felt the need to seek it out for that reason. Interesting to think it could from another show.

    • I’m still not convinced it isn’t from that date but we have to keep an open mind until someone who owns this album compares it.

  2. Stephen Evans said:

    Really loving this latest series you are posting! So glad you take the time to do this research : ) Thank You

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