Led Zep BH

The insert is usually brown/rust colored.

Usually found with blue or yellow “LED” or blank white labels:




discogs gives the impression that two different pressings can be found for copies with yellow labels. Those with RP 30 A/B 31 A/B matrices and those reading S-2549, S-2550, S-2551, S-2552. However, this may simply be a case of images and listing not matching. I suspect the S-25XX versions were not produced by WCF.

Shown here is a copy with confirmed S-25XX matrix, listed in HOTWACKS as Zeppelin Records version:

Led Zep BH S-25XX


USA: 1971/2

HOTWACKS states: “WCF – recording runs into the labels on S3 and 4”

One of the many copies of this famous early TMOQ release. The insert copied straight from an early TMOQ reissue (1,2,3,4 labels with printed double ring/borders – version).

Led Zep BH 1st red bl b sm


Contraband would later copy this insert (before adding their logo) plus their matrix numbers were the same (30 and 31 A/B):

Led Zep Blueberry H 30 31 II


Around 1974, Berkeley Records reissued this title in their folder cover series, which featured images of the artist(s) on the back panel. The matrix numbers were unchanged: 30 A-/30 B, 31 B-/31 A

Led Zep LOBH

  1. Mike Papas said:

    “Folder cover”?? Do you mean a gatefold sleeve?

    • No, really like a folder when you open it with short flaps in front that hold the record(s).

  2. Erik T said:

    That sounds like a copy I have of the Stones’ Nicaraguan Benefit Concert. I remember being a bit surprised to see that type of cover. Funny, there might have only been one place supplyng those jackets that could have gotten the WCF crew in a bunch of trouble. They are certainly odd- reminds me of the Michigander interviewed in Heylin’s book who described the boxes for his Ten of Swords release, and how there was only one board game manufacturer who supplied those boxes, and that could have helped the FBI tracethe product. Ten of Swords was a real heat score of a production- it got CBS really mad- but I suspect most of us here already know that!

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