The Beatles ‘GET BACK TO TORONTO’ (copy) (RP-23 A/B) and Original Versions / More Copies

The font used for the numbers, side markers and running time give this away as a WCF copy.

The handwritten matrix

USA: 1971

The original version of GET BACK TO TORONTO were taken from an acetate compiled by Glyn Johns in late January 1969 (compilation 1) which was only meant to give everyone involved a chance to hear what some of the songs would sound on record; it was not meant to be mock up for a future release. This same source was used for the very first beatleg KUM BACK and Get Back (Lemon Records). These songs were broadcast on radio station WBCN in Boston on 22 September ’69.

“NOTE: it hasn’t been determined if all the early releases are sourced from the same original tape of the broadcast. Due to the amount of releases which featured this material in the early 1970s, it seems possible that other folks might have recorded the broadcast. It could even be possible that some of the early bootlegs might source from WBCN’s tape or the original tape of the acetate.” [source, see link below]

Track list, using info from the above link:

Side A:

“Peace message” – Likely recorded in Canada after December 15th, where John & Yoko unveiled their War Is Over If You Want It campaign plus plans for a big festival around the July 4th weekend in Mosport, Canada. John & Yoko proclaim 1970 as “year one” – quite a start for a Beatles bootleg.

Get Back
This is the only place to hear this performance and mix of this song and the snippets of “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “Help” which follow it.

Teddy Boy
This mix adds an additional 1:16 of performance between the breakdown at the beginning and the start of the song. which is not heard on compilations 2 and 3.

Two Of Us
This mix includes a snippet of another performance [24.48] (probably a remnant of an earlier, discarded mix) and a false start not heard on compilations 2, 3 or 4.

Dig A Pony
Strangely, although this is a different mix, it features the tape-start sound heard at the beginning which is heard on compilations 2 and 3 but not on compilation 4.

I’ve Got A Feeling
This mix includes an additional :10 extended ending after John’s comment “Not bad though” not heard on compilations 2, 3 or 4.


The Long And Winding Road (not included)

Let It Be
This begins with what is probably a remnant of an earlier, discarded mix. None of this performance or mix appear anywhere else.

Don’t Let Me Down
With the exception of John’s comment about “give me the courage to come screaming in” being a bit more clear, this mix features nothing not heard on compilations 2, 3 or 4.

For You Blue
This mix features a five second longer outro which includes guitar chop not heard on compilations 2, 3 or 4.

Get Back
This performance would form the basis of both the single and Let It Be album versions. The performance, itself, appears on all versions. The spoken intro is heard on compilation 2 and the Let It Be album. The post-song dialog is extended on compilation 2. The single version, which also appears on compilations 3 and 4, omits the spoken intro and adds a coda (taken from another performance) to the end, eliminating the post-song bits.

The Walk
This is the only place to hear this performance and mix of this song.

“Christmas Message” is a copy of the 1967 fan club flexi best known for the improvisation “Christmas Time Is here Again”. I guess this was included as out of all their Christmas recordings it comes closest to an actual (beginning of a) song or outtake.



Tracing the different versions of the GET BACK TO TORONTO album is not easy, as there are so many. Starting with the stamped covers, we have the following:

  • A HA HA / B HO HO
  • IPF .1 A / IPF. 1 B
  • IPF-1-A S-2142 / IPF-1-B S-2143
  • LOEB side 1 / LOEB side 2


First released early 1970.


Then there are the versions with the blue ‘peace sign’ cover:

Like the stamped cover version, they can be found with I.P.F. 1A / I.P.F. 1B and IPF-1-A ST S-2142 / IPF-1-B S-2143

I believe it’s this reissue of the original I.P.F. release that was copied by WCF (and Contraband – folded down to mono).


(I was not able to find a good quality image where CBM copied their round logo right onto the I.P.F. design.)

Matrix: 3519 A/B or WEC-3519 A/B


If you have any further details, please leave a comment.



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