Ringo Starr D A O

Ringo Starr D A O b

Ringo Starr D A O det

USA: 1980

Ringo’s first bootleg, except it’s not even that but basically a pirate since most material has been sourced from officially released tracks.

Side 1:

  • Down And Out – The B side and non-album track of Ringo’s hit single. Despite Melvin’s claim, George Harrison does not play on this track.

Down and Out

  • Six ‘O Clock – The extended 5 minute 26 seconds version of this Photograph album track combines the standard version with the coda or “insert”. Apart from the promo version of the album it was also included on all pre-“nice price”cassette tapes, so was not even particularly rare. Paul and Linda provided backing vocals, piano and synthesizer.
  • Heart On My Sleeve
  • Hard Times – these two tracks were taken from the Ringo US TV special promoting his latest album Bad Boy (they are in segment 5/6).

“The highlight of the special was easily the brief live performance by “Ringo’s Roadside Attraction”, another precursor of the “All-Starr Band” concept. The musicians included the core group from the Bad Boy LP: Ringo, Dee Murray on bass, Keith Allison and Lon Van Eaton on guitar and Dr. John on keyboards. The live performance took place at a Los Angeles studio in front of an invited audience of 500. Musical director for the special was legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb.”(Eight Arms To Hold You, Madinger & Easter. p. 515)


  • Band Of Steel – In early 1976, Ringo played drums on American singer songwriter Guthrie Thomas’ album sessions for his Lies And Alibis album. In addition, Guthrie accepted this country song written by Ringo for the Beaucoup Of Blues album in 1970. Ringo shares co-lead vocal duties on the final recording.


  • A Man Like Me – Taken from the 1978 Ringo TV special as well.

Side 2:

  • Living In A Pet Shop
  • Scouse’s Dream
  • Running Free
  • Boat Ride
  • Scouse The Mouse
  • I Know A Place
  • S.O.S.
  • A Mouse Like Me – Ringo’s final project for Polydor in the fall of 1977 was contributing lead vocals on eight tracks as well as to the dialogue segments of this children’s story album. It was only released in the UK, went out of print almost immediately and originals in good shape – counterfeit copies exist – command a hefty price. The cartoon version Melvin refers to actually never materialized due to a strike at the producing UK TV station ITV.


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