The Beatles ‘TOP OF THE POPS’ EP by Brown Cloud Records (Melvin Records)

You will recognize the silly “NOT FOR SAIL” comment as also found on their Visit To Minneapolis EP.

USA: ?

“In the late Seventies, the programme Top Of The Pops was independently rereleased by two different manufacturers on 7″ EPs. One of these versions, in excellent quality, was on matrix 45×45000/45001 and bore fake “Capitol” P-9431 labels; the other one, from Brown Cloud Records (a name for a Melvin Records issue), had worse sound.” (from: “A History of the Beatles’ BBC Bootleg Releases”)

Above; The better sounding (and looking) Top Of The Pops EP, released ca. 1978

Having survived on an overseas BBC Transcription Disc that was part of a series labeled Top Of The Pops, excerpts of The Beatles appearance on the radio series Top Gear # 1, recorded 14 July ’64 and transmitted on the 17th, have been included on Beatles bootlegs since 1971’s The Beatles Last Album, shown below. So, that explains why all these bootlegs are called Top Of The Pops.

  1. YesDays said:

    Interesting. Belmo in “Black Market Beatles” (1995) lists it with a 1981 release year. Also identifies it as a “Melvin” release and doesn’t mention Brown Cloud.

  2. I did consult this book and the dates provided are either spot on (Wizardo #’s from 526 onward being produced in 1976 seems very likely) and sometimes like the guesses of a complete novice on the subject (you find King Kong titles assigned 1973 and 1988), so i take them with a pinch of salt.

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