mm 6-2, 6-3: The Beatles ‘SHOUT! / I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Her)’


Shout 45 frontSHOUT! MM 6-2,3. b

SHOUT! MM 6-2,3. lbl 1

SHOUT! MM 6-2,3. lbl 2

USA: ?

Melvin’s numbering system becomes a bit hard to follow at this point. If I am missing any of their 7″ releases, please leave a comment.

One topic were bootleg producers and Beatles fans always saw eye to eye was the desire for rare unreleased tracks and this 45 aimed to hit that spot.

The Beatles’ cover of the Isley Brothers 1959 first gold single Shout! was included in their TV special Around The Beatles on April 19, 1964. John’s introduction during the rehearsal was “a number we haven’t recorded … and we’re not likely to.” but that was not used in the broadcast version, in which they mimed to the pre-recorded songs to ensure a degree of control over the audio quality.

“While Shout! begins with a trio of B7 guitar chords on the broadcast version, the master tape must have been damaged in the intervening years, as all bootlegged versions only contain the last two of these. even Anthology 1, which went back to the multi-tracks, had to use fakery by repeating the second chord (listen for Paul’s two identical intakes of breath)! That’s hardly the extent of the oafish butchering done to the Anthology version, which makes The Beatles sound incapable of performing a simple repeating two-chord ostinato.” (Way Beyond Compare, Winn, p. 182)

This Melvin 45 was at the least the fourth time this track had been made available to the Beatles’ bootlegs buying public:



1975 on King Kong/Contraband (1020) – it closes side 2 here:

Beatles First US Performance 80s

1976 on Wizardo’s Around The Beatles (wrmb 349):

Beatles ATB 349



The country number “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” written by Stan Kesler and Charlie Feathers is most well known in the Elvis Presley version recorded in 1955, released as a single and also included on his first LP. George Harrison / The Beatles picked it for their third appearance on their From Us To You radio program, recorded May 1st, 1964. After the broadcast on Whit Monday bank holiday, May 18th, it was forgotten until 1972 when the BBC radio The Beatles Story series included about a minute of the surviving mediocre quality recording but misidentified the lead vocalist as Paul.

A tape of the documentary found its way to the US and the excerpt was promptly included in the line up of this Contraband LP (# 3624), released in February of 1973:

Beatles Have You Heard The Word

Five years later, there was an upgrade on Audifön’s Youngblood album, which had located an almost complete copy of the track.

Beatles Youngblood b




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