MM08: The Beatles vs Don Ho / Silver Lining

Beatles vs Don Ho

Based on Vee-Jay records August 1964 cash in attempt (it didn’t really work as they ended up selling fewer than 20,000 copies):


Beatles vs Don Ho b



Beatles vs Don Ho b detail

Beatles vs Don Ho lbl 2

USA: 1979

Melvin holding on to their “hodgepodge” concept of dishing out rare Beatles tracks not connected by recording date or a common theme, reminiscent of early CBM and Wizardo Records Beatles titles.

Side one:

“…the disc itself opened with a tape of the bootlegger legitimately attempting (and failing) to give away a free copy of the LP over the phone.” (source: Reference Library: The History of Beatles Bootlegs)  1 min. 48 sec.

  • Too Much Monkey Business – Out of the four times that the Beatles recorded their cover of this Chuck Berry 1956 original for the BBC, only their last taping, recorded 3 September ’63 for Pop Go The Beatles # 13 had surfaced by ’79 on 1978’s YOUNGBLOOD Audifön release and was copied from there. 1:46
  • Red Hot – after MM04, the second time that Melvin included this short excerpt from the History Of The Beatles Earth Radio News ’78 series.  0:59
  • A Hard Day’s Night Promo Spot – radio ad  0:56
  • Sitar play and discussion wInterview withith George Harrison – George came to New York in November of 1971 to promote the film Raga and the upcoming Concert For Bangla Desh record release. This appearance on the David Frost show was filmed November 24 ’71 and broadcast on December 3rd.  2:58
  • Interview with John & Paul – supposedly from Los Angeles, August 1965  2:01
  • I’ll be On My Way – rec. 4th of April ’63 For true obscurity, nothing could top a rare one-sided single pressed late in 1973 which included “I’ll Be On My Way” as taped off the air from BBC Radio’s “Side By Side”. [in fact this is so rare I’ve never seen a copy, nor does a search bring up one] Contraband were the first to copy this on an LP on Soldier Of Love (CBM 1022) in the summer of 1974, followed by Wizardo in ’76 on # 345, known as Happy Birthday.   1:56
  • Help! Promo spot – see MM04  1:03
  • All You Need Is Love worldwide telecast – Our World broadcast, 25 June ’67. Previously available on Contraband’s 1973 release L.S. Bumble Bee (CBM 3626)  6:10
  • Beatles Christmas message –  1963  0:38
  • short Think For Yourself – from the Yellow Submarine film soundtrack  0:09
  • A Quick One While He’s Away –  the Beatles jamming on the riff of this Who number that was performed in The Rock’n Roll Circus unreleased TV project, which also featured John & Yoko. This follows George walking out on them, with nobody knowing if he’ll be back. A dramatic low point in the Get Back sessions, captured on January 10th ’69 at Twickenham studios and first released in May of 1977 on the Watching Rainbows album (where it’s almost a minute longer).  2:47
  • Beyond the Valley of A Day In The Life – San Francisco avant-garde band the Residents released 500 numbered copy of this montage, visualizing how the last Sgt. Pepper track could have continued, in August of 1977.  4:12

Residents 45

“Closing side one was a bit of “Strawberry Fields Forever” with somebody mumbling “I buried Joel” – a dig at “Paul-is-dead” theorist Joel Glazier.”   0:16

Side two:

  • Give Peace A Chance – rehearsal: John on solo acoustic guitar with some plaintive choral backing and featuring Murray The ‘K’. Recorded 31st of May 1969 in rooms 1738-1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. Finally, a Melvin Records Exclusive!  2:15
  • interview (not listed on cover) – John, Paul, George and Jimmy Nicol interviewed June 5 ’64 on Dutch TV, also taken from wrmb 501.  1:34
  • Twist And Shout – live from KB Hallen in Copenhagen, 4th of June ’64, taken from the 1976 Wizardo Records LP JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE AND JIMMY (wrmb 501)  3:20
  • Carol  2:36 and
  • Lend Me Your Comb – both recorded July 2 ’63 for Pop Go The Beatles # 5. Wrongly attributed here to a Radio Luxembourg broadcast and first released on Contraband’s Peace Of Mind LP (CBM 3670) in 1973.  1:46
  • Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby – recorded November 17 ’64 for BBC’s Top Gear.  Included on the BBC radio documentary The Beatles Story in 1972. The attribution to “BBC radio” on the Melvin cover indicates that this was not copied from 1978’s Dec. 63  LP (ODD 4), where the track was overdubbed with screaming to pretend this was a rare live recording.  3:04
  • Soldier of Love –  around since 1974 as a poor recording via Contraband’s soldier of love (CBM 1022), taken from a broadcast on Phoenix radio station KRIZ-AM.  1976 saw its appearance on wrmb 345, aka Happy Birthday  2:00
  • Mellotron Music (aka The Bus) – Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack  0:48
  • Interview with Ringo (not listed on cover) / Maxwell’s Silver Hammer –  taken from the Get Back sessions at Twickenham  2:15
  • Honey Don’t “vocal by John”-  recorded August 1 ’63 for Pop Go The Beatles # 12. First heard on TMOQ’s Outakes 2 (71049) in summer of 1972.  2:15
  • Talking Guitar Blues – taken from the documentary What’s Happening! The Beatles In The USA. It’s just George strumming an out of tune acoustic guitar at the Deauville Hotel in Miami on February 21 ’64.  1:04
  • I’m Down –  from their August 30 ’65 Hollywood Bowl performance. Good quality but obviously incomplete, taken from a radio broadcast with narration.  1:19
  • Tiny Bubbles (by Don Ho) – with additional sound effects by the Beatles. Not listed on cover.  2:15
  • Outro by Paul McCartney – not listed on cover  0:09



I do remember this version titled Silver Lining being a lot more common around 1980 than the Melvin original. One explanation I found for this is this: “While the metal parts were at the pressing plant, they were used surreptitiously to press up extra copies, which were made with Midwest Music labels and a new cover and title.”

Silver L-1

Does it look familiar? It should.

Beatles Indian Rope Trick


The back was copied from the 1964 US Tour book:

64 US tour book




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