MM04 ‘When It Says Beatles Beatles Beatles On The Label Label Label You Will Love It On Your Turntable Turntable Turntable’



As previously posted on this blog, this Beatles LP with the inconveniently long title is the world’s most expensive/valuable bootleg of all time selling for over $4,950.00 last year.

USA: 1978 – it appears that Melvin / Overby took a long break lasting throughout 1977 and into 1978

What is actually on this record is a bit hard to piece together, as the cover provides only song titles and does not even appear to be complete.

Side 1:

  • KFWB (station ID with John & George) – J&G on a stop over in Los Angeles from their Tahitian vacation agreed to record this short message on 25 May 1964 for local radio station KFWB/98. Extended with bits of a George interview from 10 December ’63 and book-ended by jingles it was named “Music City / KFWBEATLES”, coupled with “You can’t do that” and pressed as a promotional single to be given away at the opening of Wallichs Music City in Canoga Park, CA. It was pirated in the late 1970’s for all those who absolutely needed to own every second ever uttered by any of the Fab Four and pressed onto PVC. Eddie or Fred must have gotten hold either of an original or the counterfeit.


KFWB logo

  • Memphis – I’m guessing this would be the Decca Audition version, as released in 1977 on bootleg 45


  • Spiritual Regeneration – Happy Birthday, Mike Love – Paul, George, Donovan and others jamming on a Beach Boys-influenced composition in Rishikesh, India on 15 March 1968. First aired on the radio in the Beach Boys special The Best Summers Of Our Lives, narrated by Dick van Dyke and Wolfman Jack in the summer of 1976 and bootlegged a year later on the infamous Indian Rope Trick bootleg.


  • Second Album Open end Interview – Capitol promo for radio station released in April of 1964,. Each DJ could create their own make-believe interview by taping themselves reading out the scripted questions and then combining it with their answers from this compact EP.

Second Open-end I

Beatles 2nd o-e i-1

  • Three Cool Cats – same source as “Memphis” above?

Three CC

  • All You Need Is Love – likely take 59 from the Our World worldwide television broadcast, 25 June 1967, making this the track’s bootleg vinyl debut.
  • It’s All Too Much – ?
  • Too Bad About Sorrows – early Lennon-McCartney composition. short attempts taped twice during the Get Back sessions: 8.21 (0:14) + 21.46 (0:56)
    weather report – ?
  • Her Majesty – with final chord, also released in 1977 on Audifön’s “bootleg of the year” worthy release NO. 3 ABBEY ROAD N.W. 8


Side 2:

  • September In The Rain – another Decca Audition track

September ITRain

  • All Things Must Pass – ?
  • thank you – ?
  • Guitar Blues – best known for its appearance on Melvin’s own Beatles VS Don Ho (MM08) and its reissue SILVER LINING, taken from the documentary What’s Happening! The Beatles In The USA
  • Kenny Everett interview – likely more from the White Album era interview that had “Cottonfields” bootlegged on Melvin 01 and 02
  • I’m So Tired – ?
  • My Girl Is Red Hot – 28/31 December 1962 from the Star Club Hamburg tapes. Correct title is “Red Hot”, it was first recorded by Billy Riley for Sun Records in 1957. Earth Radio News produced a radio series called History Of The Beatles in 52 short episodes (about three minutes each) that ran from August 7 through September 1st 1978 and used 32 seconds of this then unreleased song overdubbed with comments by George. This was the first release of this material on a bootleg but it is known to most from the later Melvin title Beatles VS Don Ho/SILVER LINING

  • Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby – possibly from BBC radio
  • Short Short Short – ?
  • Haaalp! – possibly the HELP! radio ad later also included on Beatles VS Don Ho/SILVER LINING


Summary: Melvin was not just a copy label, it also frequently ‘cannibalized’ its own releases by reissuing them again on later titles.

If you can help identify any of the tracks and the supposedly missing ones on side 2, please leave a comment.

Quality comment: “…most of this sounded as if it had been taped from various screenings at fan conventions on a really cheap cassette”.


Beatles w. masks

  1. YesDays said:

    Those of us in America of a particular age group remember all too well the 1970’s television ad campaign by a certain producer of canned foods, and its associated jingle. It was certainly the inspiration for the album title.

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