Full Tilt Reissue Of A CBM Title

Pink Floyd Pompeii FT

USA: 1985 (don’t mind the label, it always said the same, just like the old “Duck Records” and Ruthless Rhymes labels). The copy shown here sold at auction last month for a healthy $157.50

Repressing from the original plates of the fairly rare single LP CBM release (matrix: 1036 A/B), a straight copy of the Pompeii movie soundtrack, released ca. 1975 on the King Kong sub-label (using Instant Analysis or dragon paper labels). CBM stopped operating ca. 1977.

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii yb

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii disc 1

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii disc 2

To the best of my knowledge this is the only time that the mid 1980’s reissue label Full Tilt re-pressed a CBM title.

That raises a few questions:

  • How did Full Tilt acquire the plates?
  • Where were they in the meantime?
  • Where are the remaining CBM pressing plates?

There might be a story in here somewhere.

  1. Chris said:

    Hi. Have you got some CBM history like you have on Ken, Jon Wizardo, Andrea Walters etc..? These CBM guys were very atypical . All I know about them is the fact that they were on the other side of the country unlike everybody else who were in California. As far as I know they were the first who issue The Beatles Sweet Apple Trax . And they released it as two double albums. I really want some back ground on these guys.

    • Chris, there is no comparable background history regarding CBM. It sums up neatly like this:

      CBM and its sub-labels were a bootleg label started by a law student (who later became a successful entrepreneur and has never talked about his illegal past) in the South of the US, perhaps the state of Virginia. It operated from 1971 to 1977.

      It was a mix of a copy / original releases label. Quality control was not one of the strong points of the labels, both in terms of mastering & pressing as well as the sources they used. On the other hand, an above average attention to detail was spent on innovative graphics and branding on slip sheets and labels topped of by the highlight of J.Fish’s drawings and designs (somewhat underappreciated, as the designer has never gone public unlike William Stout).

      They are best known for their Beatles titles, particularly the two Sweet Apple Tracks volumes, as well as Ticketron (Jethro Tull), the King Crimson Arlington, TX 1973 releases, several important Neil Young titles and their Pink Floyd titles, all of these copied by other bootleggers and especially the latter remaining in high demand until today.

  2. Yesdays said:

    Hi Chris. If you read the blog, and the postings under CBM, you’ll see a wealth of information about the label.

  3. Chris said:

    Thank you very much guys. it seems like the California guys liked more “hype” than the guys from the east. Did CBM had their records pressed by some local pressing plants in Virginia or they had their albums pressed in California ?

  4. Yesdays said:

    My understanding is that they were not pressed in California, and were made on the US east coast (mid-Atlantic region or maybe NY)

  5. Chris said:

    Did you notice that some times they use the same fonts as TMOQ ? My copy of Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven even has the Smoking Pig label but the matrix number is CBM.

    • On the labels you mean or on the inserts? I have never seen the FT copy of Stairway… Can you tell me what the matrix number on that FT copy is?

      Nobody has ever really looked into FT and published a list (not easy to list all of their reissues – I’m guessing even the final HOTWACKS never did).

      • Chris said:

        Yes. the smoking pig logo is on the label.The record has no tell tale groove which is on every TMOQ records. the label was pressed on a pale orange paper very different from every TMOQ I saw. It looks very much like a smoking pig normal label except for the colour of the paper and the numbers of SIDE 1 / SIDE 2 which are much smaller than the normal TMOQ numbers.
        The matrix number is 1852 but does not state that is a CBM record. I found out it´s a CBM release through Hot Wax book.Some one gave me this record back in 1977. The paper insert was missing. it was just a plain white jacket. For years I thought it was a TMOQ release untill I found the matrix number in the Hot Wax book. TMOQ matrix number for the same album is completely different.

  6. Erik T said:

    There is some decent background info on Sweet Apple Trax and CBM records in Belmo’s Beatles boot guide which has come up here before. If my mem’ry serves me well, the records, not great pressings, were done in Upper Darby PA and later on in Indiana somewhere…. Or did I read that here? I have an early CBM Santana boot with a different CBM label I hadn’t personally come across until I got this Santana boot. Such crappy covers though, some of those Spirograph doodles… Couldn’t they have photocopied newspaper pictures at least?

    • No, you did not read that here. I will have to look for that now.

      Re. the Santana CBM record, is it a different label from any I have shown?

      They tried to give the inserts an ‘artistic’ edge in the spirit of the late ’60s & early 70’s. It worked better then than now, I guess.

  7. Chris said:

    Oh, by the way, another label that deserves attention is Moon Child / Apollo Records.

    • Never heard of them and have also not found any links/sites/listings for them.

      • Chris said:

        I have three of their albums. Rolling Stones “Hyde Park 69″ , Rolling Stones ” Knebworth 76″, Pink Floyd “Pigs, Wishes and Moons” (the Pink Floyd album is on Apollo Recs.)

  8. Erik T said:

    I will have to double check the Sntan record. I have wondered about other possible CBM variations which I think I brought up here – like the Canned Heat boot Atlasta which mentions the Wisconsin Cheese Company, has a dorky cartoon logo, mentions the Woodstock boot compilation of non- soundtrack material, and is a crappy pressing to boot(!) I think CBM mentioned the Wisconsin Cheese Company on some later records.
    I think those anonymous cursive- type font found on early knock off boots like Great White Wonder have been cited as CBM productions on this blog?

    • The Canned Heat bootleg is really called The Real Future Blues Album (Atlasta is supposed to be the label name) and I see no connection in either of the three variations it exists in to CBM. I also do not recall ever seeing such a reference on a CBM bootleg insert. If you could tell me/us which one that is, that would be real helpful.

  9. Erik T said:

    The Wisconsin Cheese co…
    Maybe the CBM Stones Hyde Park 69 lp? Lemme think about it a moment… Also, my Canned Heat boot has a different cover from the Real Future Blues boot, which I have seen but didn’t buy at the time. It has a b/w paper insert, the Future Blues lp has a clock or a watch if I recall.

    • Yes, that’s the one – thanks. Also mentioned on the RS title REHEARSAL SESSIONS ‘72 TOUR – and then never again – and it appears these two were released back to back. If that name appears on the insert of your copy of the Canned Heat bootleg than that points to CBM copying it during that time perhaps.

      I studied the two Atlasta releases – def. not made by CBM, I’d venture – and then tried to find the insert for the CH one mentioning “Wisconsin Cheese company” but nothing came up.

  10. Erik T said:

    I will check again… I have a few boots I was listening to which have become separated from their covers, and then I moved – a long brutal process! – and sold a few stacks of records, no boots yet though, I might try selling or trading for others online some time… I really had to downsize and I dare say it was damn near traumatizing. To digress a moment, I had a yard/ street sale, sold tons of records at two bucks each, and almost no books at one to two dollars, even though there were some great titles, excellent condition photo books of popular topics… Does nobody read offa paper anymore? Pardon my digression, still enjoying the blog but I mightn’t have much to contribute right now to Beatles or Wings titles…
    Oh, so my Canned Heat is one of the MIA lp- from- cover… But I will find it sooner or later..!

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