Requesting Your Input

I have penciled in the following the labels for the future:

  • Melvin Records (as we have that wonderful background article and it’s never really been done before, I think, unlike for example Tobe Milo, which had a print article in THE 910 some years ago)
  • WCF and early Berkeley up to where the (boring) b&w covers started
  • TMOQ I & II – the most challenging of them all


Is there any other label you would like to see reviewed? No pure copy labels please (so, no LXXXIV, Full Tilt, Verzyl, etc.)

  1. Chris said:

    The H H label. I have one of their albums. Pink Floyd – Floyd Live

    • What’s the matrix on that copy? Might just be a reissue/copy. HH already has its own section on the right.

      • Chris said:

        The matrix says H-H Floyd Live 1,2,3,4.When I went to look the Floyd album, I found out that I also have another two albums on H-H Label. The Beatles More Get Back Sessions H-H studio 1,2 and Greatfull Dead Live at the Fillmore H-H Dead fillmore 1,2,3,4.

  2. Yesdays said:

    Tangie town records, The Doors dedicated label …

  3. Yesdays said:

    For another suggestion, there’s the late 1980’s Starlight Records label,….made in California I believe

  4. Glen Banks said:

    I knew the guy who ran Starlight. He was from Long Beach, CA. John Huffman was his name and he has since passed away. I may have some oddball things he released if you need more info.

    • Yes please, as much background and extra info as can be dug up (pardon the bad pun).

  5. Glen Banks said:

    How about newer releases? There’s a label in Israel pressing up some nice LPs on the Avitom brand name.

  6. Moreno said:

    Mud Shark label (Zappa releases)

  7. Erik T said:

    Smilin Ears? I can only recall two titles, but they were monster sellers in their day and legends now- Led Zeppelin, the original Destroyer box set, and the Rolling Stones’ Garden State…
    I agree Mudshark would be interesting, I have an old Hot Wacks or 2 (the magazines) which had in- depth articles about the label. There may have been label participation in that HWQ article.

  8. Erik T said:

    I actually looked up Smilin Ears AFTER I posted that comment, oops… On the other hand, I thought the Smilin Ears entries here did not include the Zep Destroyer original box, for some reason I thought there were some other significant releases too.
    I wonder if I can find and scan any relevant HWQ articles… They are also interesting to me to see new boots reviewed which presumably were just coming out at the time.
    How about a feature on RSR/ International Records? This time I checked before inquiring, and there seems to be only a couple of Robert Plant eighties releases. It was a pretty amazing label in retrospect, I don’t know how much inside info is available online or just how much input “Erik Bristow” had with the label’s non-Zeppelin releases.

      • Erik T said:

        How about some Cramps bootlegs? They- Lux and Ivy- were record nerds who really punched above their weight in the bootleg world, by which I mean they weren’t big sellers commercially but their boots have always sold well. I only have one myself, they are usually priced too high when I do come across them.
        One of the most sought after Cramps boots is from a Seattle show. Some say it is that rare breed of boot, a Canadian pressing.
        I also wonder about the “Birdman” described in Clinton Heylin’s book- he seemed to have put out some interesting titles including one of the most sought after Velvet Underground bootlegs, which I passed on decades ago because the material was common even in the late 80s when the album came out- two or three live versions of Sister Ray from circulating audience tapes, compiled on a double l.p. … i wonder, is there a comprehensive list of Bidman’s productions?
        I wish I could recall where I saw the Frenchman’s catalogue of his titles- the Floyd 67-69, Waters Gate, the Sabbath Paris 73, I thought there were more, and there was definitely a mention of the scheduled but aborted Blow Your Mind Until You Die album.

        • It may look like I do artist(s) but I only do labels; that’s always my starting point as it hasn’t really been done before (except for the fantastic research on TMOQ that used to be posted on the Record Collectors Guild website) and I could never be as good as a site dedicated to listing all bootlegs by a certain act. It just looks like I do as they receive a tag and then a category with their name on the right.

          ‘byrdman’ never really created a label. I only know the two releases mentioned in the book.

  9. YesDays said:

    For yet another suggestion, how about the German Eli (or E-Li) Records label that did some Doors and Roxy Music titles in the early-mid 1980’s? Thanks

  10. name known by the author of this blog. said:

    tralala..the complete Stoned story….and i mean the really COMPLETE story…..the rise and fall….with pictures, their advertisements for their upcoming boot of Bob….the pressing plant…..tralalal..that guys must be easy to track down…

    • I’ll attempt to do TMOQ after this and then it’s probably curtains.

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