Dutch 1971 Bootleg Newspaper Article

Thanks to Mark. here’s the link to the complete article:


Here are two excerpts:

In the first one they provided a list of existing bootlegs, no doubt whetting the appetites of a couple of readers in the process.

Witte Platten Delpher News 71 list

Many of these are very familiar to us but a few seem to have sprung from someone’s imagination.

Witte Platten Delpher News 71 photo

Bootlegs confiscated in Rotterdam. The Dutch made Santana LIVE IN ROTTERDAM and Rubber Dubber’s THE BAND LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL clearly visible. The text on the left talks about bootleggers taping the Concert For Bangladesh and threatening the original idea of raising further funds through the sale of the official live album when they were much faster in offering bootleg recordings.

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  1. name known by the author of this blog. said:

    Mark..from the Netherlands? great posts from you on this amazing blog. Interesting to see that cop with boots.In the past i had a news magazine from the buma stemra, filled with photos of busted boxes full of boots. And the story of how much damage the bootleggers ..blablabla.
    Looking for a long time of old Dutch magazines called ‘grote witte platenboek”, i only have 2 editions. very interesting read, and it shows that there was a lot of Knowledge / manufacturing business of the white record industry in Holland. Some time ago on the dutch market place site, a guy was selling for his aunt ..( uncle passed away, and he was a big bootlegger back in those days ) overstock covers of one of the most famous Dylan boots. designed by Peter Pontiac. That covers were not factory glued but still loose and ready to fold. Unfortunately the price for the..i think he sold 3 or 4 copies…reaches the amount of, if i remember right, for about 150 euro. But now i’m regretting that i didn’t have bought one. Unfortunately i lost his address, as he could maybe tell me more about his uncle’s bootleg history. I did bought from him one of the ” grote witte palenboek’; …and a vinyl bootleg catalogue from Bowie, that kinda magazines were sold at record fairs, underground shops, waterloo plein for example. In that book from Bowie there was a postcard with lots of titles written of bootlegs who were for sale those days…with wholesalers prices and so on..and the amount of records that the uncle sold to one particular dealer. Also a prototype insert for a Dutch Jimi boot was included in that Bowie magazine. man o man…there have must be a lot of more interesting bootleg gems in that house…….i could hit myself on my head….gems , that probably were thrown away with the garbage. Who knows….

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