Springsteen B FIRE 3

Springsteen Fire

Springsteen Fire b 2

Below: Stamp variation, “FIRE VINYL”

Springsteen B FIRE

Springsteen Fire b

Springsteen Fire disc

USA: 1979

Source: FM broadcast from San Francisco’s Winterland on 15 December 1978 but with only half the concert presented here.

“Superb vinyl. No labels (look at the photo to know what I mean). Red/yellow insert as cover. Repressed in normal coloured vinyl with labels (custom). Since the material recorded on the discs is fairly common, the repress is absolutely less attractive.” [source:]

The question at this point is, if this came out before or after Slipped Disc’s LIVE IN THE PROMISED LAND box.

If it came out later, this would mark the first time that the 78/79-1XX label had issued something already out on another label. For some reason, their standard matrix markings of 79-1XX M were left off this release.


1 comment
  1. YesDays said:

    My copy is on the “fire” colored multi-color vinyl, same yellow-color wrap-around insert, but no stamp on the jacket.

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