TODD RUNDGREN “The Death Of Rock’n Roll” 78-165/166 M

Rundgren tdornr

Rundgren tdornr det

Rundgren tdornr b

Could “You Tried Love” be “You cried wolf” and other song titles also misheard by the bootleggers? The song selection otherwise does look as if it could come from his 1978 tour.

Rundgren tdornr disc

USA: Ca. late ’78 or early ’79

Source: ? Please leave a comment if you know. This LP was completely unknown to me before I had looked at this label and the real source(s) still is.

  1. Yesdays said:

    I don’t know the source, for sure. However I believe all the May shows (2 shows each night) at Bottom Line In New York & Roxy in LA were professionally recorded. King Biscuit recorded and used the May 14 Botton Line shows for its radio show broadcast. Recordings of these shows also comprise the official releases (i.e., Archive Series and Bootleg Series). Probable that the source was one of the May 1978 dates. Thanks

    • Yesdays, I did look at those and there’s no direct and obvious match. I’m pretty sure this isn’t KBFH from the Bottom Line unless all the song titles have been changed beyond recognition by the bootlegger..

  2. Moreno said:

    I have this, but in black vinyl without label. A radio broadcast for sure. The tracklist: Utopia talks/ The death of rock’n’roll/You cried wolf/ Gangrene/Couldn’t i just tell you/Hello it’s me/Real men/Wouldn’t have made any difference/Love of the common man

  3. YesDays said:

    Interesting. Just like the Ramones title, re-issued on black vinyl. Also like the Stones Nightclub 78.

  4. Erik T said:

    If the whole catalogue’s black vinyl inventory looks the same, one might surmise those copies were made by the same people who did the colour vinyl pressings? I guess one can check the matrix numbers to compare, but I haven’t come across any of these. Some new/ish bootleg vinyl is so ridiculous… Like pirates of material officially released on cd, which I have seen more tha once for the Velvet Underground and Jimi Hendrix. As I mentioned in an earlier post, if these new TAKRL and other pressings are sourced from upgrades to previously available recordings, or, better still, previously uncirculated recordings, then I like the idea of these… But if they are reissues of common, or worse still, previously pressed-to- vinyl material, they seem like a lot of work for an uninteresting record…

    • I am pretty convinced they were done from the same plate and by the same bootlegger(s). Like for all bootleg labels, I’d love to know the logistics and business thinking behind it. Were they only done if the first cv run sold out – for example. Fact is, these are pretty rare, regardless if on cv or black – who knows, maybe the black ones are even rarer?

      • Moreno said:

        Matrix numbers are the same, including a “#4 side 1/2”

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