HEART ‘DOUBLE LIVE GOLD!’ 78-158 M / 159 M / 160 M / 161 M

Heart Double Live Gold

Heart DLG!

Heart DLG! bl

USA: Late 1978/early 1979

Source: Sides 1 – 4 (tr.1 only) KZOK Seattle FM Broadcast “OK 102.5 Seattle In Concert” FM recording from the Aquarius Tavern in Seattle (formerly known as Parker’s Ballroom), summer of 1975 (the date was usually stated as June 1st – update: Based on an ad in the Seattle Times, the actual date was likely July 18, ’75). The venue has been confirmed due to the inclusion of two tracks – “Mother Earth Blues”and their cover of Kiki Dee’s “I’ve Got The Music In Me” – on their official MAGAZINE album in 1978. It appears that multi-track recordings were made that night and the bootleg sounds excellent.

The source for tracks 2 & 3 on side 4 “Devil Delight” and “Battle of Evermore” is unknown at this time. Please leave a comment if you know more.

Heart’s debut album Dreamboat Annie was released in Canada in the summer of 1975 but would not see a US release until the coming year and the band was playing showcases in certain markets to drum up radio interest.


  1. YesDays said:

    It seems a black vinyl re-issue for Heart “Double Live Gold” also happened, as this version appears on discogs and popsike.

    • I had already added a comment to the master list (that most of them were repressed on black) but have now added an image of a black copy here as well to make it clearer.

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