1. 4mabs said:

    I think the ones I have show the guy with the headphones saying, “Hee Hee”.

  2. wwotr said:

    I just acquired the AC/DC title, and after 43 years of collecting boot vinyl,
    even I was fooled, in thinking this was actually a TAKRL release from the 70’s.
    They did a superb job on BOTH the cover and vinyl.
    I am so glad to see that vinyl is still alive!

  3. YesDays said:

    Were they made in Europe?

  4. Erik T said:

    Nice looking, but I gotta say the handwriting on these new / fake TAKRL covers looks off to me, like someone imitating the original Takrl handwriting… Fine job, and I am no handwriting expert, but it looks to me like someone imitating the original style. Cool, though. I was just at a record show and I am surprised I didn t run into any of these myself. The splatter vinyl looks closer to the seventies classic pressings- the tie dye style I have seen imitated a lot in recent years, but not this well- usually choppier looking for some reason.
    Cover by Art, I just noticed on the cover at the bottom of the AC DC one- surprised they didn’t go with a variation of Art Gnuvo!
    If these are from rare or previously uncirculated, or significantly upgraded source tapes/ digi files, I applaud the project, but if they are digi files coiled from something shared already online then I think that is, shall I say, more tacky than takrl?
    As for the Pink Floyd one- interesting to see a “Deek” credited on a 2017 takrl release! However, I am suspicious as to the quadrophonic sound suggested on the cover… It could be from a newish source, but if it is from the same old source, I have as good a copy as anyone did about 12 years ago when someone came by my place brandishing the best one yet, and it sounded like the one I did myself from a low gen cassette through a stand-alone Tascam burner at the time… And it sure as hell isn’t stereo, let alone a proto-quadrophonic recording, and this is before the band experimented with the Azimuth, which I believe wasn’t util 1969…(an interesting year in so many ways…. For instance, while sound and light shows were still being developed, a discotheque in Providence, Rhode Island developed a pulsating light system that was synchronized to the music. Another long strange trip throughout clubs and concerts began…
    Long post, I am prone to rambling, glad to see you back up and running..!

    • “like someone imitating the original Takrl handwriting…” – well, since the original TARKL people aren’t available, how else would a bootlegger today do it?

      I wouldn’t be super shocked if I bought the PF title and it wasn’t in quad… Who even has a quad set up these days?

      The source is either from Marbal’s or the other source from Bernard’s reel, as shared on dime.

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