New Releases Using TAKRL Hommage Art Work

Bowie Euro Cannon

Bowie Euro Cannon b

Bowie Euro Cannon d1

Bowie Euro Cannon d2

Bowie Euro Cannon II



Bowie Comm Countd

Bowie Comm Countd d1

Bowie Comm Countd d2



Pink Floyd Lysergic Diversions

Pink Floyd Lysergic Diversions d1

Pink Floyd Lysergic Diversions d2



AC DC First Bite

AC DC First Bite d1

AC DC First Bite d2

Vinyl is still very much alive and so are new vinyl boots, it seems. They are just much more expensive now (but the pressing runs are more limited as well).

  1. 4mabs said:

    I think the ones I have show the guy with the headphones saying, “Hee Hee”.

  2. wwotr said:

    I just acquired the AC/DC title, and after 43 years of collecting boot vinyl,
    even I was fooled, in thinking this was actually a TAKRL release from the 70’s.
    They did a superb job on BOTH the cover and vinyl.
    I am so glad to see that vinyl is still alive!

  3. YesDays said:

    Were they made in Europe?

  4. Erik T said:

    Nice looking, but I gotta say the handwriting on these new / fake TAKRL covers looks off to me, like someone imitating the original Takrl handwriting… Fine job, and I am no handwriting expert, but it looks to me like someone imitating the original style. Cool, though. I was just at a record show and I am surprised I didn t run into any of these myself. The splatter vinyl looks closer to the seventies classic pressings- the tie dye style I have seen imitated a lot in recent years, but not this well- usually choppier looking for some reason.
    Cover by Art, I just noticed on the cover at the bottom of the AC DC one- surprised they didn’t go with a variation of Art Gnuvo!
    If these are from rare or previously uncirculated, or significantly upgraded source tapes/ digi files, I applaud the project, but if they are digi files coiled from something shared already online then I think that is, shall I say, more tacky than takrl?
    As for the Pink Floyd one- interesting to see a “Deek” credited on a 2017 takrl release! However, I am suspicious as to the quadrophonic sound suggested on the cover… It could be from a newish source, but if it is from the same old source, I have as good a copy as anyone did about 12 years ago when someone came by my place brandishing the best one yet, and it sounded like the one I did myself from a low gen cassette through a stand-alone Tascam burner at the time… And it sure as hell isn’t stereo, let alone a proto-quadrophonic recording, and this is before the band experimented with the Azimuth, which I believe wasn’t util 1969…(an interesting year in so many ways…. For instance, while sound and light shows were still being developed, a discotheque in Providence, Rhode Island developed a pulsating light system that was synchronized to the music. Another long strange trip throughout clubs and concerts began…
    Long post, I am prone to rambling, glad to see you back up and running..!

    • “like someone imitating the original Takrl handwriting…” – well, since the original TARKL people aren’t available, how else would a bootlegger today do it?

      I wouldn’t be super shocked if I bought the PF title and it wasn’t in quad… Who even has a quad set up these days?

      The source is either from Marbal’s or the other source from Bernard’s reel, as shared on dime.

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