The Power Station ‘Get It On Tour 85’ ETS 2592-3 and ‘DANCING IN THE STREET’ (POSL-2)



Japan: 1985

Source: Supposedly an audience recording from the Meadowland’s Arena in East Rutherford, NJ on 28 August 1985 (the last night of their 1985 tour, whith Michael Des Barres filling in for Robert Palmer)

Power Station 85 ticket.png

ETS 2592 A: Murderess / Dancing in the Street / Some Like It Hot / Lonely Tonight / Go To Zero
ETS 2592 B: Too Good to be Bad / Harvest For The World / Thinking With Your Body / Still in Your Heart / Some Guys Have All The Luck
ETS 2593 A: Communication / The Reflex / White Light / “White Heat / Obsession / Power Station Rap
ETS 2593 B: It’s Only Rock & Roll / Obsession” (Reprise) / Hungry Like the Wolf / Get It On (Bang a Gong)


This is the only other Power Station * vinyl * bootleg I have come across:

Tree Music Ltd. ‎– POSL-2, likely a European bootleg.




Side 1: Murderess / Dancing In The Street / Some Like It Hot / Lonely Tonight / Thinking Of Your Body
Side 2: Obsession / Hungry Like The Wolf / Get It On (Bang A Gong)

Source: KBFH broadcast recorded at L.A.’s Greek Theater on 28 July ’85



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