Bruce Springsteen ‘THE PRISONER OF ROCK & ROLL’ ETS 2577-9 and ‘JA*P’ (Deposito Legal)




Exists without the “G’DAY, BRUCE” writing as well.

Japan: 1985

Source: Bruce Springsteen first concert in Japan at Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyōgi-jō), Tokyo, 10 April 1985; audience recording.

2577 A: Born in the USA / Out in the street / Darlington county / Working on the highway / Johnny 99
2577 B: Atlantic City / The river / Prove it all night / Glory days
2578 A: The promised land / My hometown / Badlands / Thunder road
2578 B: Cover me / Dancing in the dark / Hungry heart / Cadillac ranch  / Downbound train
2579 A: I’m on fire / Pink Cadillac / Bobby Jean / Racing in the street
2579 B: Born to run / Ramrod / Rocking all over the world / Twist and shout



The same recording (there is only one source tape for this night) was later issued on another Japanese bootleg:




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