DEEP PURPLE ‘A Purple Patch’ ETS 2575-6




Japan: 1985 – The Perfect Strangers Tour visited Japan in May of ’85

Matrix: V (Z)(B) ETS-2575A 121+ E
                Z ETS-2575B 111+
                Z V (Z)(B) ETS-2576A 111+ E
                Z ETS-2576B 111+

Auctioned no less than 23 times already this decade, which did not help the achieved final prices.

Source: Audience recording from Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, NJ, 9 March 1985

2575 A: Intro / Highway Star / Nobody’s Home / Strange Kind Of Woman / Who Do You Think You Are / Blues / A Gypsy’s Kiss
2575 B: Perfect Strangers / Under The Gun / Lazy / Ian Paice / Child In Time Part 1
2576 A: Child In Time Part 2 / Knockin’ At Your Back Door / Difficult To Cure / Jon Lord / Space Truckin’
2576 B: Woman From Tokyo / Speed King / Burn / Smoke On The Water


  1. Erik T said:

    Hi! I was surprised to see Julian Lennon bootlegs, really! Were they marketed primarily to Beatles nuts or pop flavour-of-the-month fans, which still strikes me as an unlikely demographic to seek out bootlegs, but here I am proven wrong…
    I have this bootleg. I haven’t listened to it for a few years, I really dug it when I first got it, cheap, second hand, at a store that didn’t know or care it was a Japanese item. I checked to see 2 copies at discogs for about fifty bucks U.S. each, so I guess that puts it in the low end of Japanese bootlegs as far as desirability. I think that 84-85 tour was a good comeback, I am perhaps in a minority even among MkII Purple fans..? If I remember right, it is a decent, clear, perhaps think audience tape, sounds like a good Sony D6 recording if had to guess based on popularity of that recorder and quality of this recording. There are other boots from this tour of course, but I haven’t heard any of them.
    I have bought Japanese boots when I saw them used for a decent price, but I swear I picked up a few turkeys by modern standards… I passed on a few seriously rare ones too, I have seen copies of Zeppelin’s Cologne, Swiss Made and the Berlin 80 show but I think the great Zeppelin soundboard liberation of the late ’89-90 must have made these obsolete.

    • Bootlegs, like all illegal items, aren’t really marketed at all, I’d say (apart from catalogs and classified ads) – they are sought out by those who feel they must have them.

      Over time, there are clear bootleg winners & losers, as my highlighting of those bootlegs that sell for big money show. Or just look at the TMOQ’s: The classic Pink Floyd OMAYYAD release on colored PVC will always sell for a good price (triple digits) but many of the other titles sell for considerably less. In regards to DP’s come back tour, this release really didn’t register in the West and there were plenty of others made in Europe/the US to choose from.

      My feeling is that among bootleg/live recordings collectors, the ones (still) collecting vinyl releases are a small sub group. It probably wasn’t so much the Zep soundboard liberation but the flood of CD releases and then torrent sites that made the old vinyl releases obsolete..

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