(Yngwie Malmsteen’s) Rising Force ‘Live Force’ ETS 2567-8



Japan: 1985 – Rising Force toured Japan in January of that year.

Source: Supposedly recorded at L.A. Country Club in December of 1984. Perhaps, this blog post can help us confirm this: https://kevinestrada.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/wngwie-who/

Side 1: See The Light* / Caught In The Middle* / As Above, So Below / Don’t Let It End* / Far Beyond The Sun
Side 2: On The Run Again* / Black Star / Anguish and Fear* / I’m A Viking*
Side 3: Little Savage / Kree Nakoorie / Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar solo)
Side 4: Diciples of Hell* / Hiroshima / Evil Eye / Jet to Jet
* unreleased Tracks – at the time this record was released

For comparison:

Yngwie Malmsteen – Live at Sun Plaza Hall,Tokyo.Japan 1985-01-24 (SBD)

01.Intro/I’ll See The Light, Tonight
02.As Above, So Below
03.Don’t Let It End
04.Far Beyond The Sun
05.On The Run Again
06.Anguish And Fear
07.Icarus’ Dream Suit/I Am A Viking
08.Hiroshima Mon Amour
09.Black Star
10.Jet To Jet
11.Kree Nakoorie
12.Guitar Solo
13.Disciples Of Hell

Yngwie Malmsteen-Guitars
Jens Johansson-Keyboards
Marcel Jacob-Bass
Jeff Scott Soto-Vocals
Anders Johansson-Drums



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