Van Halen ‘MOTHER’S DAY’ ETS 2565-6



Referring to XL’s earlier HALEN HEARTY release on the title side labels; both bootlegs come from the same tour (which one is better?). XL and ETS titles were made by the same person(s).

Japan: 1985

Source: Audience recording from the L.A. Forum on 13 May 1984 (indeed, it was Mother’s Day in the US on that day)

ETS 2565 A: Unchained / Hot For Teacher / I’m On Fire / Running With The Devil / Little Guitars
ETS 2565 B: Cathedral – House Of Pain /Michael Anthony Bass solo – Jamie’s Crying / I’ll Wait / Everybody Wants Some Pt.1 / David Lee Roth Chats
ETS 2566 A: Everybody Wants Some Pt.2 / Girl Gone Bad / 1984 / Jump! / Edward Van Halen On Guitar
ETS 2566 B: King Of Wild Guitar / Oh! Pretty Woman / Panama / You Really Got Me Really / Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love




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