Siouxsie Razzle Dazzle.jpg


Image for the back cover needed. If it is claimed there that Robert Smith from the Cure can be heard on this recording then that is incorrect (his last on stage performances were on their French and Italian dates in March of ’84):


Below: Tour program for their ’84 UK summer dates:

SatB Summer 84-1b.jpg

Japan: 1984/5 – they had performed in Japan in February of 1983 (with a different set list compared to this one, so this is probably not from any of those Japanese concerts).

Source: Audience recording from the Brighton Dome, 22 June 1984; last three tracks on 2556 B recorded at London’s Hammersmith Palais, 24 June 1984.

2555 A: Dazzle / Cascade / Running Town / We Hunger / Melt!
2555 B: Into The Light / Pointing Bone / Red Over White / Blow The House Down
2556 A: Red Light / Christine / Bring Me The Head Of The Preacher Man / Painted Bird / Arabian Knights / Spellbound
2556 B: Switch / Monitor / Israel / Jigsaw Feeling

Quality comment: “You won’t be disappointed in the quality If you like the ’84 Banshee’s.”


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