Japan 1984/5 – Howard toured Japan in April of 1984

Source: Supposedly recorded at L.A.’s Greek Theater on 27 August 1984 (he was support act for the Eurythmics in the U.S. and this is a valid date for their Touch tour – however for a support act, this seems like a rather long set list). If you know more, please leave a comment.

Track list (as this is one of those “under the radar” bootlegs that you hardly ever see / and/or I missed it the one time it was offered for auction and don’t have an image for the back cover, I am not sure which songs are on which side exactly):

01. Hunt The Self
02. Pearl In The Shell
03. Bounce Right Back
04. Hide And Seek
05. Always Asking Questions
06. Dreams Of A Better Place
07. Like To Get To Know You Well
08. Equality
09. New Song
10. Natural
11. Conditioning
12. What Is Love?
13. Don’t Always Look At The Rain

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  1. Erik T said:

    So, looking at the matrix numbers, this Howard Jones release was sandwiched between the Banshees andvWASP? A friend of mine saw WASP in ’85 when he was a kid, and the opening act was Metallica. Surprised to see aHoward Jones boot, but it is a strange world sometimes..!
    Maybe the Japanese bootleggers had someone buying freshly taped UK shows at the famous Camden market in London?

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