Japan: 1983/84 – the first Japan Bowie bootleg since MARC Record’s DON”T TOUCH THAT DIAL

2536 A: Intro (named Stick McGee on this release) / Star / Heroes / What In The World / Golden Years / Fashion / Let’s Dance
2536 B: Red Sails / Breaking Glass / Life On Mars? / Sorrow / Cat People / China Girl
2537 A: Scary Monsters / Rebel Rebel / White Light White Heat / Station To Station / Cracked Actor                  2537 B: Ashes To Ashes / Space OddityBand Intro / Young Americans / Hang on To Yourself / Fame
2538 A: Stay / Jean Genie / Modern Love / Blue Moon Of Kentucky
2538 B: Look Back In Anger / Joe The Lion / Wild Is The Wind / I Can’t Explain / Soul Love / TVC15

Run Time: 2:10:15

Source: The majority of this recording comes from an audience recording from Birmingham, NEC Arena
on 6 June, 1983. The first 5 tracks on the last side are from Brussels, Vorst Nationaal 18 May, ’83 and the final song was taped at London’s Wembley Arena on 3 June, 1983

Quality rating: “Bassman Says: All songs are in excellent sound quality.”

“Ziggy In Concert says: The complete Birmingham show with some nice bonus tracks from other shows. This title is often called “Stick McGee” after the name of the song that plays prior to the concert starting. This is a very good (for the time period) recording of a nice 3xLP set. There is a little bass echo that can be a little annoying at times when listening with headphones, but for a 1983 audience recording this is a good one.”

From a comment left on this blog: “i don’t like the mastering of the Birmingham show,(not enough bass). there is another birmingham 83 2LP boot with different mastering but its incomplete, distorted and has backwards tape bleed through on it, can’t tell if its the same source but the distortion makes cracked actor sound amazing!” [My comment: bassmann’s Bowie bootlegs site lists no other release for this date]


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