DURAN DURAN ‘Prince’s Trust Rock Gala’ ETS 234-5




Japan: 1983 or ’84

Source: “The album is an incomplete [I am not sure what could be missing, as all performed tracks are here] recording of Duran Duran’s performance at the Dominion Theatre, a 2,163 capacity venue located in London’s Tottenham Court Road.

During 1983, Duran Duran spent most of the year as tax exiles, writing songs at a chateau in France during May, before flying to Monstserrat and then Sydney to record and mix their third album. In the summer the band flew back to the UK to perform two concerts, the Prince’s Trust Rock Gala and three days later The MENCAP Concert at Villa Park in Birmingham.

The Prince’s Trust Rock Gala was a historic event attended by Prince Charles and Princess Diana to raise funds for the Prince’s Trust, a charity founded by The Prince of Wales to help young people.

This was the first time Duran Duran played live after The Rio Tour finished, held during a period when the band had their first UK no.1 single with “Is There Something I Should Know?”.

Duran Duran began their performance after “God Save The Queen”, the British national anthem. The band then launched into the first ever live performance of “Is There Something I Should Know?”, a song that entered the charts directly at no.1 which was rare for any single then. Fans screamed when “Hungry Like the Wolf” followed.

During the evening, Duran Duran gave the crowd the chance to hear one of their new songs “Union of the Snake”. The song was unknown, played when the band were actually working on their next album Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

The show finished with “Girls on Film”, featuring band introduction.

The album was released in two sleeve versions, blue ink and purple ink printed editions. The front cover features Duran Duran photography by Brian Aris.” (source: DuranDuran.wikia.com)

Duran Duran – Dominion Theatre, London, England, 1983-07-20 [a.k.a. ‘Prince’s Trust Royal Rock Gala’]

01 Intro [Charles & Diana Enter Theater – National Anthem – Host Introduces Band]
02 Is There Something I Should Know?
03 Hungry Like The Wolf
04 Union Of The Snake
05 New Religion
06 Save A Prayer
07 Rio
08 Planet Earth
09 My Own Way
10 Careless Memories
11 Girls On Film

Sound: Very good audience. 7.5/10.

Comments: Interesting night in London… The band had several technical difficulties [you’ll know them when you hear them], and oh yeah, the IRA had a plan to murder Charles and Diana at the show… Yikes. All that being said, t’s a fantastic recording!

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