THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP ‘The mad axeman strikes back’ ETS 2516-8




Japan: 1983

2516 A: Ulcer / Cry For The Nations / Attack Of The Mad Axeman
2616 B: Rock You To The Ground / Bijou Pleasurette / Victim Of Illusion
2517 A: Into The Arena / Desert Song / Looking For Love / Armed And Ready
2517 B: Lost Horizons / Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
2518 A: Looking For Love / Armed And Read / Doctor Doctor
2518 B: Are You Ready To Rock / Rock Bottom

Source: Claimed to be recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, 27 November 1982 but the true source is an audience recording from Fukuoka, Sun Palace Hall – 13 January 1983

Kinney recording of nostalgia is reprinted in the gift-title! It will come even if you are already familiar with this green jacket. 1983 M.S.G. to symbolize the one of such famous boot 3 Disc LP “THE MAD AXEMAN STRIKES BACK (ETS 2516/17/18)”.
And the place has become a hot topic. But also in our shop we were enjoying gathered staff under one roof, there? This something it’s strange ……… !?
In fact, it is known as the “November 27, 1982 Hammersmith performance” from that time, How can has been opened to the public with the mania also “Hammersmith 82” that caused analog, not thoroughly say MC venue name. Do you say, are earnestly scraping the MC. Moreover, this performance, there is that this glue, I heard somewhere. For example, “Armed And Ready”. Clapping that was aligned with the Bishitsu is single-mindedly repeated endlessly, large chorus of only kana pronunciation title as “Ahman Leh Dee!” In the rust. Moreover, “eek” of yellow scream mingled with the rush in the pivotal points. Because Kinney at the time are also went to England recording it does not is not obtained and Hammer Smith, this, thorough investigation in to say that Japan ‘s ………. I tried to verify from the thorough search, it was found! This live is, for the second time Japan tour. It also is was the first day, “January 13, 1983 Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall”. Once, let’s holding in the schedule.

– January 13: Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall
– January 15: Nagoya City Auditorium
– January 17: Kyoto Kaikan
– January 18: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
– January 19: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
– January 20: Tokyo Nippon Budokan

Source:  (we do need a better translation but one gets the point – in a roundabout way: based on the audio clues, this is a Japanese concert and not one recorded in England)

Quality rating: ‘Exs’ in HOTWACKS, confirmed by a sample on the giginjapan website.


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