The “10th Anniversary” theme is repeated on the labels, which state this as well.


Japan: 1983 – a 2006 auction claimed 400 copies were pressed.

Matrix: ETS 2511 A / B, ETS 2512 A / B, ETS 2513 A / B

ETS 2511 A: Flash (Tape intro) / Rock It (Prime Jive) / We Will Rock You (Fast) / Action This Day / Somebody To Love / Calling All Girls
ETS 2511 B: Now I’m Here / Put Out The Fire / Dragon Attack / Now I’m Here (Reprise) / Love Of My Life / Save Me
ETS 2512 A: Get Down Make Love / Guitar Solo / Body Language / Back Chat / Under Pressure
ETS 2512 B: Fat Bottomed Girls / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting / Bohemian Rhapsody / Tie Your Mother Down
ETS 2513 A: Another One Bites The Dust / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions / God Save The Queen [Cut] (103 minutes total length of this recording) / Staying Power+ / Under Pressure+ / Sheer Heart Attack+

Source: Audience recording from one of the two nights played at Fukuoka Kyu-den at the start of their Japan leg of the Game World Tour, usually attributed to the first night on 19 October 1982 – ‘+’ marked tracks come from an inferior sounding audience recording taped at National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK on 5 June 1982. The Fukuoka tracks on the first five and the following sixth side have been intentionally misrepresented as having been recorded at the Los Angeles Forum on the 14th and 15th of September ’82 (two correct concert dates), going as far as editing the source tapes and removing all references to the band performing in Japan. This was standard practice for the UD / XL label as well as other Japanese vinyl bootlegs, as the interpretation of the law meant that while concert recordings from other countries could be pressed as records and sold in Japan, those derived from Japanese concert performances could not. Thankfully (for later identifying purposes), the Japanese bootlegger overlooked that Love of My Life had not been performed at any of the US concerts and Back Chat had been dropped after the first US show.

Quality: Quote from queenlive.ca: “the original LP remains the best version.” (for all the Fukuoka tracks).

ETS 2513 B: Flash (tape intro) / The Hero / We Will Rock You (Fast) / Play The Game / Calling All Girls / Body Language / Under Pressure / Bohemian Rhapsody

Source: Identified as coming from a different/second night at Fukuoka, 20 October 1982


Quality: While deserving of its ‘Ëxs’ rating, even better is the recording from Hankyu Nishinomiya Stadium (outside of Osaka, 24 October ’82) as pressed onto vinyl and released as GET DOWN (made in Italy would be my guess, first released in 1983 as well). There are big differences within each rating class after all.


This is the only Japanese bootleg I ever remember actually holding in my hands at a record fair in my country in the early 80’s. Being a poor university student, I was shocked by the large sum asked for this rarity and was reduced to lusting after it in suffered silence (which is definitely the reason I now have so many Queen live recordings on my hard drives).

Unfortunately, a copy of this title also fell into the hands of the worst CD bootleg label ever, Imtrat Records of Southern Germany, home of the abominable LIVE AND ALIVE/LIVE USA CD releases, flooding the music departments of department stores by the dozens with this cheaply produced crap. Ïmtrat produced about 250 titles from 1991 – 1993 under the interpretation of the copyright laws that these were legal, as long as the source tapes were recorded in the USA. “The anomaly in German law, that allowed absolute protection against unauthorized live performance CDs of a German artist but only protected foreign artists for performances in Germany…” [Bootleg, C. Heylin, p. 352]

I believe that Japan had the same copyright law and this is the explanation for the large number of Japanese concert recordings actively mislabeled as recorded abroad on the vinyl boots I have presented since early 2016.

The fate of European bootleg CD labels such as Imtrat, Swingin’ Pig, Oh Boy!, Living Legend, Perfect Beat, etc. was finally severely impacted after Phil Collins and Warner Brothers (Warner over a Prince title on Imtrat) sued and the European Court Of Justice in Luxembourg decided to extend copyright extension to all EC artists as already applied in the rest of Europe and even a recording of a US artist made in America could now be illegal if one of the musicians performing was European.



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