Japan ‘Kyoto’ ETS 2525-6




Also exists with a green sleeve and red on white or black on white labels showing Mick Karn sculptures or blank white (and black?) labels.




Japan: 1983

2525 A: Burning Bridges / Swing / Gentlemen Take Polaroids / Alien / Rhodesia
2525 B: Quiet Life / My New Career / Obscure Alternatives
2526 A: Taking Islands In Africa / Methods Of Dance / Ain’t That Peculiar / Sometimes I Feel So Low / Halloween
2526 B: European Son / Life In Tokyo / Adolescent Sex / Automatic Gun

Source: FM broadcast from Kyoto Kaikan on 23 February 1981

Quality: Excellent but http://www.nightporter.co.uk/pages/japlive_81.html states that this is not on the same level as the BBC broadcast from Hammersmith Odeon on the 7th of February ’81


When this recording was remastered for the CD release ORIENTAL PERFORMANCE 1980, it was degraded from stereo to mono and two songs were cut to make it fit. There never was a bootleg LP called “Oriental Performance” as suggested in a dime torrent from early August 2015,


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