Japan: Late 1985/early 1986

Source: Some confusion here, cover claims “OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – August 13 1985 (Opening night)”, as does the bootleg page of the excellent dio.net website. However, their page for the Sacred Heart Tour lists the correct location and venue: Manteca, CA (it’s between Modesto and Stockton) at the Oakwood Lake Amphitheatre (attendance 3,600)


1627 A: Intro / King Of Rock And Roll / Like The Beat Of A Heart / Don’t Talk To Strangers
1627 B: Hungry For Heaven / The Last In Line / Holy Diver / The Last In Line / Drum Solo / Heaven And Hell
1628 A: Guitar Solo / Sacred Heart / Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
1628 B: Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Rock ‘N’ Roll Children / Rainbow In The Dark / Stand Up And Shout


Incorrect location given on this torrent as well. I wonder if this was the source for the XL release.

    Oakland Coliseum
    Oakland, California, USA
    August 13, 1985

    Support Act: Rough Cutt

    Bootleg Title : Oakland ’85

    Audience Recording OK/OK+/VG+ (Listenable, I would say for collectors only – check samples) >
    There’s 2 girls & a guy who scream, sing, talk, for most of the show…

    64:25 minutes

    01. Intro > The King of Rock & Roll
    02. Like the Beat of a Heart
    03. Don’t Talk to Strangers
    04. Hungry for Heaven
    05. The Last in Line > Holy Diver >The Last in Line
    06. Vinny Appice Drum Solo
    07. Heaven & Hell > Vivian Campbell Guitar Solo > Claude Schnell Keyboard solo > Guitar Solo > Keyboards <CUT> 13:13 ends
    08. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children > Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll >
    09. Man on the Silver Mountain > Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
    10. Rainbow in the Dark
    11. Stand Up & Shout

    Band Line up:

    Ronnie James DIO – Vocals
    Vinny Appice – Drums
    Jimmy Bain – Bass
    Vivian Campbell – Guitar
    Claude Schnell – Keyboards



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