Ozzy Osbourne ‘BARK AT THE MOON World Tour 1984 + ORIGINAL QUIET RIOT DEMO’ XL 1623-4




I really need better quality images for this post.

Ozzy BatM WT 84 lbl.jpg

Japan: 1986

Matrix A : XL – 1623 A 111 + / 1623 B 111 + / 1624 A 111 + / 1624 B 111 +  

Source: Sides 1-3 plus first two songs on side two, live at Long Beach Arena (where else, really, as so many of the XL source tapes of US concerts were recorded there) 0n 4 April 1984 (one of two nights played there), complete show.

Quiet Riot 1975 demos with Randy Rhoads make up the remainder of side four. The description on the back cover seems to give the impression that this comes from an actual vinyl release by referring to it as “QUIET RIOT DEMO (EP 002)” but there was no such title, either officially or as a bootleg.  

Quality: HOTWACKS gave the concert recording only a “Gs” rating but an Ëxs”for the demo tracks.

1623 A: Intro (Diary Of A Madman) / I Don’t Know / Mr. Crowley / Rock’n Roll Rebel / Bark At The Moon
1623 B: Revelation (Mother Earth) / Steal Away (The Night) / Suicide Solution
1624 A: Forever (probably Journey To The Centre Of Eternity / Tommy Aldridge solo) / Flying High Again / Iron Man
1624 B: Crazy Train / Paranoid / Suicidal Show [Demo] / Just How You Want It [Demo] / West Coast Tryouts [Demo]



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