Japan: Late 1985/early ’86

Value: It recently sold for $60 but that was a lucky bid for the seller, as I have seen it sell for as low as $23. Night Ranger just are not that collectible.

Source: Back cover states this was recorded at Long Beach Arena – Japanese bootleggers favorite US venue – in June of 1985. They toured Japan in April and May of 1985 just prior to the release of Seven Wishes album, which are emphasized on the back cover, which makes me think that this is really a ‘Live in Japan’ recording.


1615 A: Touch of Madness / Rumors in the Air / Eddie’s comin’ out Tonight                          1615 B: Seven Wishes / Sentimental Street / Faces / This Boy needs to Rock                          1616 A: Call my Name / Sing me Away / Close your Eyes / Night Ranger                                  1616 B: You can still Rock in America / Sister Christian / Don’t tell me you love me


If you have any further information regarding this release, please leave a comment.


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