YES WORLD TOUR 1984 XL 1587/8








Japan: 1985

Source: As pointed out by a Japanese bootleg blog, as YES never visited Japan on this tour, there is a good chance the date and venue given is actually correct. My favorite YES bootleg site has no objections either – so 7 May 1984 is settled.

The source tape:

Brendan Byrne Arena
Meadowlands, New Jersey, U.S.A.
May 7, 1984
1st gen. audience tape (mastered with Sony D-6 and unknown mike, probably also a Sony model)
runtime: 135:07 (minutes/seconds)

1: cinema
2; leave it
3: yours is no disgrace
4; drums > hold on
5: hearts
6: all good people (end spliced, tape flip)
7: keyboard solo (Tony Kaye)
8: Solly’s beard (Tony and Trevor duet)
9: changes
10: and you and I
11: soon the light
12: make it easy > owner of a lonely heart
13: it can happen (end spliced, tape flip)
14: long distance runaround > whitefish
(with tempus fugit and amazing grace excerpts)
15: city of love
16: starship trooper
17: roundabout



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