Japan: 1984 or 85

1585 A: Somewhere Over The Rainbow 1:10 / Spotlight Kid 4:46 / Miss Mistreated 4:04 / Fool For The Night 3:38 / I Surrender 6:18 / Can’t Happen Here 3:37
1585 B: 16th Century Greensleeves 0:54 / Catch The Rainbow 10:15 / Drinking With The Devil 3:28 / The Orient 4:07 / Difficult To Cure 7:30
1586 A: Lazy 0:25 / Power 3:50 / Blues 3:40 / Stargazer 1:46 / Stranded 6:35 / Death Alley Driver 4:33 / Firedance 4:07 / Land Of Hope & Glory (not listed On cover) 1:05
1586 B:    All Night Long 7:25 / Maybe Next Time 1:32 / Since You Been Gone 1:18 / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 4:12 / Hey Joe 2:22 / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 1:46 / Smoke On The Water 2:32 / Kill The King 2:11 / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 1:22

Source: Excellent analysis on discogs.com by someone who has listened to the record: “Different release to the other Bootleg called “Stargazer”.

Sleeve says recorded at Madison Square Garden in February 1984 but they didn’t play in the USA in that year so…JLT says “Hello London” after MISS Mistreated and that they have a new record out called Bent Out Of Shape so that should make it one of the shows at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre, London, England on September 17th or 18th, 1983. JLT appears to say “See you tomorrow night” at the end of Track 1586 B9 which would make this the first night – the 17th September 1983. Track list certainly matches.

1585 B 1 16th Century Greensleeves is actually just RB messing about before starting Catch the Rainbow.
1586 A4 “The Orient” is really just an instrumental jam in an eastern style that leads into Track B5 Difficult To Cure proper.
1586 A7a is not listed on the sleeve and is prelude to All Night Long rather than part of 1586 A7 Firedance


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