Japan: 1984 – Their Live In Japan 1983 video was quite popular back in the day.

Source: I would have been stumped and left with nothing but a small image blown up to larger (and grainier) proportions from an old eBay auction, had it not been for this Japanese blog post:

“It is described as a 1984 LA Forum performance, but it seems to be a Japanese performance as usual
2 pairs of audience recording. It is analog quality sound quality.
Shiro’s works are generally red (purple?) Jacket, but there are also blue jackets.
Looking at the label it seems to be the same manufacturer as the manufacturer who produced Rainbow boot “Sweet Silence”.

What is the exact source? If you know, please leave a comment.


XL/Shiro would produce two more Night Ranger bootlegs.

1 comment
  1. wwotr said:

    I only have 1 Night Ranger bootleg vinyl,
    and it is this one. Bought it about 2 years ago,
    on the internet from a seller in Japan.
    Great record!

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