OZZY OSBOURNE LIVE! from K.B.F.H. 1981 XL 1554/5



“Suicide Train”? Talk about a song title mash up.

At a total length of only 50 minutes, each LP side is rather short here.


Blue cover version:



Japan: 1984

Source: Live at St. Denis Theater, Montreal on 28 July 1981 – on the Canadian leg of his Blizzard of Ozz tour and his first KBFH broadcast. The actual source was probably a cassette recording.

1554 A:    Flying High Again 04:24 / I Don’t Know 05:00 / Crazy Train 05:38
1554 B:    Believer 05:38 / Mr. Crowley 05:51
1555 A:    Suicide Solution 08:49 / Revelation (Mother Earth) 06:11
1555 B:    Steal Away (The Night) 03:31 – Drum Solo 02:15 – Paranoid 03:05

KBFH had edited the show and running order, which originally followed this format:

“I Don’t Know”
“Crazy Train”
“Mr Crowley”
“Flying High Again”
“Revelation Mother Earth”
“Steal Away the Night”
Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo
“No Bone Movies”
“Suicide Solution” [+ “Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo”]
“Iron Man” + “Children of the Grave”
(“Black Sabbath” Songs)
“Paranoid” (“Black Sabbath” Song) [Encore]

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